Use this guide when configuring Maytag machines in FasCard.


This document assumes the installer is familiar with programming Maytag washers.  This procedure is required to allow the CCI card reader to start the washer in Gen 1 mode.

Control Type: Singlevend (Recommended)

Maytag machines are setup up just like any other singlevend machine with the following exceptions:

Relay TypePulse LengthPulse IntervalUsage
Pulse32250Standard pulse harness (white connector)
MLV+ (Recommended)24150Digital pulse harness (black connector)

Super Cycle

If supporting the Super Cycle option on the machine, use the Extra Option singlevend mode.

Small washers  show the option for 30 approximately seconds. Large chassis washers show the option for approximately 60 seconds.

Machine Configuration

Enable the "Clear Escrow" setting on the machine if available.

Control Type: Maytag Gen 1 (Legacy)

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Maytag MFR/MFS/MXR/MXS Washers

NOTE: Cycle Pricing and Deluxe/Ultimate pricing are not supported.

Keypad Functions

Single Price
Value of Coin 10.25
Regular Cycle Price2.00
Price DisplayHidden
Clear EscrowYes
Special Pricing...Off
Enhanced Pricing...None
Super Cycle

Use above settings plus the following:

Enhanced PricingUpgrade
Super Cycle DisplayYes
Super Cycle Price0.25
Deluxe Cycle DisplayNo
Ultimate Cycle DisplayNo

Maytag MHN/MAH/MAT Washers

Single Price
CodeCode DescriptionValue
6Regular Cycle Price08 (8 coins)
bValue of Coin 105 (5 nickels - $0.25)
FEnhanced Pricing Option00 (Off)
JCoin Option_d (Coins disabled)
LPrice Suppression OptionPS (On)
nClear Escrow OptionCE (On)
Super Cycle

Use above settings plus the following:

CodeCode DescriptionValue
FEnhanced Pricing OptionSu (Super Cycle enabled)
HSuper Cycle Upgrade Price01 (1 coin)

Maytag MVW Top-Load Washers

NOTE: Only supports single price for all cycles. Modifier pricing is not support.

CodeCode DescriptionValue
6 NORMALNormal Vend Price08 (8 coins)
6 DELICATESDelicate Vend Price08 (8 coins)
6 POWERWASHPowerwash Vend Price08 (8 coins)
2Special Pricing Option00 (Off)
bValue of Coin 105 (5 nickels - $0.25)
JCoin/Debit Option_d (Debit)
LPrice Suppression OptionPS (On)
nClear Escrow OptionCE (On)