This guide is intended to instruct the user in the installation of a FasCard Touch Kiosk grounding kit.


  • Grounding kit for Fascard Touch Kiosk.


  • Card Concepts Inc takes no responsibility for data loss due to human error, hardware failure, or other such circumstances.
  • The kiosk contains high voltages! Use proper safety precautions before opening or touching any internal components!

Power Down The Kiosk

  1. Open front of the FasCard Touch Kiosk and plug in the keyboard to the available USB port on the main board.
  2. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to bring up the task menu.
  3. Touch the power icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  4. Select SHUTDOWN from the options.
  5. Turn off the power supply to the kiosk and unplug the power cord.

Installing the Kit

Parts Required

(1) 2-Point Harness(1) 4-Point Harness(1) 8-32 3/8" Screw

(1) 8-32 1/2" Screw

(1) M 1/4" Metal Clamp

(1) M 1/2" Metal Clamp

Tools Required

P1 3" Philips head screwdriver

P2 4" Philips head screwdriver

11/32" Wrench or nut driver

Rear of Kiosk drawer

Step One

  1. Locate the shorter C-1063 Screw and the smaller C-1081-M Metal Clamp.
  2. Insert the C-1063 screw into the larger ring on the 4-point harness.
  3. Bend the C-1081-M Metal Clamp around the existing power cable about 10" from the kiosk end. This provides strain relief for the cable.
  4. Insert the C-1063 screw and 4-point harness through the clamp and secure to the base of the drawer as indicated here:

    There may be an existing plastic wire clamp and screw, you can discard these.

Step Two

  1. Using a P-2 Screwdriver, Remove the (2) screws securing the power supply protective cover and pull away towards you.

    Be careful to avoid pulling wires or breaking wire connections between the cover and power supply.

  2. Loosen the screws on the power supply marked  (Green Wire) and -V (Black Wire).
  3. Insert the forked ends of the 4-point harness into the loosened terminals. There should be 2 total plugs on each terminal.
  4. Tighten the terminals and replace the power supply cover taking care not to pinch any wires. There is a notch out of the corner to allow the wires to come out of the cover. Replace the 2 screws and tighten down the power supply cover.
  5. Using a P1 Philips screw driver, Remove the screw from the base of the card dispenser closest to the power supply.
  6. Insert the screw through the remaining small ring on the 4-point harness and re-secure the screw back to the dispenser base.

Front of Kiosk Drawer

Step One

  1. Locate the Power Control Board on the back of the front panel.
  2. Remove the screw in the lower left hand corner that is securing a plastic clamp.
  3. Remove and discard the plastic clamp and replace with the C-1083-M Metal Clamp binding it to the end of the black looming.
  4. Re-secure the clamp to the board with the screw that was removed.

Step Two

  1. Remove the lower 11/32" nut on the left side of the assembly bracket.
  2. Put one end of the 2-point harness on the stud and re-secure the nut to the stud.
  3. Remove the upper left Screw from the Bill Acceptor and apply the remaining end of the 2-point harness and re-secure with the C-1063 Screw.

Final Step

Plug in the power cord to the power supply and power up the Kiosk and close the kiosk drawer.

Tips & Warnings

  • In order to avoid damaging the electronic components inside the Kiosk make sure you touch some bare metal to ground yourself against static shock.