Applies To: LaundryCard, Control Head, Software


A red-line error with occur when the system detects a v2 Control Head power supply has failed, or otherwise is not connected.

Possible Causes

The v2 Control Head is installed and the system is detecting a power supply failure.


  1. Check to make sure it is a v2 Control Head
    1. If not, see other "Solution"
  2. Check to make sure the power supply connections are seated properly
  3. Replace power supply

This does not apply to distribution boards or a v1 control head. If this is not a v2 control head see the symptom titled "Not a v2 control head".

The v2 Control Head is installed but did not install the additional C-0526-CABLE.

If opting not to use the C-0526-CABLE, see the Procedures section below on how to clear the error manually.


  1. Install the C-0526-CABLE. The two bare pins of the C-0526-CABLE connect into the two open positions (any order) farthest from the existing wires.

The system detected something that it believed to be a change in the power signal even though the v1 control hardware doesn't support this. We're currently not sure what causes this. See AJs comment for more info.


  1. See Manually clear red-line error in the Procedures section below.


  1. Open Laundry App Utility and open "XchDiagHmi"
  2. Open ProbeX from the Diagnostic menu
  3. Double click in the empty Variable space

  4. In the window that shows up, Search for bPowerFbk (or expand XCHDATA > ControlHead > bPowerFbk).
  5. Double click the variable:

  6. It should populate in the main table list. Change the Value of XCHDATA ControlHead.bPOwerFbk to 0.
  7. Then click "Send Data" to save the variable.
  8. Restart the Laundry application to finialize the value change.

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