This document is intended to guide the user through installation utilizing the kit numbered according to the document title. A list of associated equipment models including control information and additional installation notes can be found below. This guide further assumes that all relevant Cat5 cables have been run to the point of connection for the LaundryCard reader being installed. Further information regarding cabling and mounting can be found in the LaundryCard Kit Installation Guidelines.

Estimated Installation Time: 30 minutes

Applies to Kit: K-0664

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

See LaundryCard Kit Installation Home for more information.


Step 1 - Install Lock

  1. Disassemble the 098760 Service Lock by removing the nut, kep ring, cam, and mounting nut from the lock.
  2. Push the lock through the opening on the cover of the C-0665 Printer Cabinet and orient so that the inserted key is vertically parallel to the longer sides of the cabinet.
  3. Slide the cam onto the lockshaft with protrusions facing upward.
  4. Slide on the kep ring and secure with the remaining nut.

Step 2 - Mount Printer Cabinet

  1. Determine mounting location (wall or shelf mount) and remove the appropriate knockout.
  2. Mark C-0665 Printer Cabinet cable opening on mounting surface and drill a 1" opening in mounting surface to allow cables to pass through.
  3. Attach printer cabinet to surface with appropriate hardware (not provided).

Step 3 - Install Printer in Printer Cabinet

  1. Pass the C-1330 USB Cable and C-0667 Power Supply cable through the opening and connect the cables to the C-0666 Printer.
  2. Using the slotted holes on the C-0666 Printer, mount the printer to the C-0665 Printer Cabinet. Adjust the printer as far toward the rear of the cabinet as possible.
  3. Load paper into the printer by lifting up on the paper bar.
    1. Lock bar back into place and open feeder release by pulling the Blue lever.
    2. Pull paper across feeder and press down on the feeder assembly until it locks into place.
  4. Close the printer cabinet and turn the key to secure the lock.

Step 4 - Final Connections

  1. Connect the C-0618 Print Server to the C-1330 USB Cable.
  2. Connect the C-0178 Cat5 Cable to the C-0618 Print Server and to the network switch in X-Changer A.
  3. Connect the C-0667 Power Supply to a power outlet.
  4. Connect the C-0618 Print Server power supply to a power outlet.