Card Reader Connection (Pulse/Single-vend)

  1. Using the cabling diagram, locate the 1st machine number on the first line. Normally this will be Machine #1 and it will be the 1st machine on Line 0.

Install the card reader into each machine using the following steps:

  1. Using a Pulse or “Single-Vend” harness, Connect the vend harness (provided in the mounting kit) to the card reader. The proper installation instruction should be included in the kit for each model of equipment. The install guides can also be found online at:
  2. Each machine must be set to start for one pulse or “token” mode. The price on the machine should be suppressed or set to display $0.01 whenever possible to allow the best pricing experience and to avoid confusion from the customers. This must be done by the installer, CCI is not responsible for the programming of machines.

NOTE: If the machine does not have a coin vault or card system mount, some machines will need to be modified to accommodate the readers. This includes cutting metal panels. This should be considered prior to installation.

  1. Install the coin vault mounting bracket (provided in the mounting kit).
  2. If required, attach the threaded spacers to the mounting bracket.
  3. Feed the reader end of the vend harness, along with the data cable, through the coin vault opening and through the mounting bracket. Connect the harness and the data cable to the card reader. 
  4. Feed the other data cable through the coin vault opening and through the mounting bracket. Then connect the data cable to the card reader's left port. Mount the reader to the mounting bracket. Do not over tighten the mounting screws!
  5. Install the coin drop or coin vault cover plate if provided in the installation kit.
  6. Move on to the next machine and repeat steps throughout the store until all equipment are connected to readers.

Card reader connection (Serial/MLV)

  1. Serial connections do not require the machine to be put into single pulse mode. Some models of equipment have more features available through the serial connection. Other models only have pricing. Refer to the owner’s manual of the equipment for more information.
  2. The serial connection plugs into the top of the reader. The plastic shroud needs to be cut open to reveal the serial connection on the reader.
  3. Plug the serial harness into the main board of the equipment.
  4. Some models require the equipment to be put into “card mode”. This is done either by internal software setting or by a “jumper” plugged into the mainboard or by “dipswitch” set.
  5. Alliance equipment will display EC19 when the card mode is active.
  6. The remaining steps from the pulse instructions can be followed.