Kit Installation Notes

Installation Kit

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

See LaundryCard Kit Installation Guidelines for more information.


Step 1 - Remove Coin Drop

  1. Remove the existing Coin Drop.
    1. Refer to manufacturer documentation as needed.
  2. Install C-0926 Drop Cover over the cavity left by removing the Coin Drop.

Step 2 - Connect Machine Start Harness

  1. Connect the C-5344 Machine Start Harness to the control harness that was previously connected to the Coin Drop.

Step 3 - Install Mounting Bracket

  1. Install the C-6925A Mounting Bracket into the Coin Vault.
  2. Mount the C-0925B Mounting Bracket onto the matching Mounting Bracket using the C-5751 Screws.

Step 4 - Final Connections

  1. Feed remaining harness ends through mounting hole as described in FasCard Mounting Guide.
  2. Connect the free end of the C-5344 Machine Start Harness to port 2 (Pulse Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  3. Connect the free end of the C-5500-60 Power Extension Harness to port 1 (C-5500 Power Harness Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  4. Connect FasCard reader to base as described in the F2 Reader Mounting Guide.
  5. Program the card reader address as described here: How to Program Address on a FasCard Reader.

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