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This document will guide the user through installation and alignment of the LaundryCard barcode scanner. Select the appropriate tab below based upon barcode scanner model.

Motorola Installation Guide

Required Hardware

Motorola/Zebra Scanner C-1023Symbol Scanner C-1024

Recommended Tools

11/32 Extended SocketNeedle Nose PliersPhillips Screwdriver

Heavy duty Velcro or dual lock (if X-Changer does not have studs)

Step 1 - Installing the Mounting Bracket

BCR Mounting Bracket

  1. Position the C-1024A bracket as high as possible, then bolt or Velcro it in place.

Step 2 - Mount Scanner to Bracket

Barcode Scanner
BCR Swivel Bracket
BCR Adapter Plate

  1. Attach the C-1024C with scanner to the C-1024B Plate.

Step 3 - Connect Bracket

  1. Attach C-1024B assembly to the C-1024A bracket using the 2 set screws and tilt the C-1024B plate completely towards the card dispenser.

Step 4 - Align Scanner

  1. Slide the C-1024C bracket completely to the right, then rotate it clockwise so the silver connector at the top is pointing to about 2 minutes after midnight on the face of a clock (Use image below for reference).
  2. Screw in the scanner set screw located just to the left of the scanner and tighten slightly. It is now time to test the adjustment.

Step 5 - Final Adjustments

  1. Slowly adjust the scanner in millimeter increments by twisting the assembly clockwise while dispensing cards incrementally to test the adjustment.
  2. Adjusting the scanner requires some trial and error as the multi-laser design of the scanner means there is no single perfect alignment.
  3. CCI recommends successfully dispensing 25-50 cards in a row before tightening the set-screw and then testing another 25-50 cards with the door closed and locked.

Welch-Allyn Installation Guide

Step 1 - Install the Scanner

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner Bracket

  1. The bar code scanner may be attached to the cabinet door with two strips of Velcro or by attaching the bar code reader to a scanner plate (C-1400-121) and then attaching the plate to the cabinet.
    1. It is recommended that there be a 1 ½ to 2 inch space present between the scanner and the card dispenser tray.

Fig. 2a - Scanner mount (velcro)Fig. 2b - Scanner mount (plate)

Step 2 - Align Scanner

  1. On a Velcro system, a small card or folded piece of cardboard could be wedged on the top of the unit.
  2. On a scanner plate system, two 8-32 size screws can inserted into the plate forcing the scanner to lean backwards.

Fig. 3a - Mounting bolts