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Card Concepts Inc takes no responsibility for data loss due to human error, hardware failure, or other such circumstances.

Before opening the computer housing, make sure all  power is disconnected from the unit.


Equipment Models

This document is valid for the following equipment models...

    • Dell Optiplex GX520
    • Dell Optiplex GX745
    • Dell Optiplex GX755
    • Dell Optiplex GX760
    • Dell Optiplex GX780
    • Dell Optiplex XE



  1. Locate and pull release tab to open the computer case, then remove the cover. 


  2. Locate the hard drive tray's blue release tabs. Squeeze tabs together and lift hard drive tray upward, then unplug both attached cables.

  3. Remove the hard drive from its tray by pushing down on the blue release tabs, and lifting the drive out. Install a new drive to the tray.


  4. Reinstalling tray: line up the black tab with the slot on the computer case, and make sure the blue tabs click securely into place.


  5. Closing the computer case: Line up the three lid tabs, with the slots on the computer housing.