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Galaxy 600 and Galaxy 600 Pro Washer-Extractors are available exclusively from Huebsch.

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Reference Images

Galaxy 600 Washer
Galaxy 600 / Galaxy 600 Pro WasherGalaxy 600 / Galaxy 600 Pro  Control

Model Numbers

Regarding Model Numbers

Below are some base examples of starting characters of model numbers relevant to this equipment type. For a more detailed determination, the full model number of the machine is required.

  • HCN020
  • HCN030
  • HCN040
  • HCN060
  • HCN080
  • HCT020
  • HCT030
  • HCT040
  • HCT060
  • HCT080
  • HCT100

Special Notes

  • Enabling 'Card' mode may be done in one of three ways, depending on the series:

    • A special jumper required to be plugged in to the machine control board in order to tell the control to operate in 'Card' mode. This jumper is provided by CCI part number C-0110-CP.
      • This is more commonly found with older generation / classic Huebsch and Speed Queen equipment.

    • The machine control board will have a dipswitch panel. To enable 'Card' mode, dipswitch 3 would have to be turned ON. Leave all other dipswitches in their original positions.
      • This is more commonly found with some older and current generation Huebsch and Speed Queen equipment.
      • This is not to be confused for the communication board, which may also have a dipswitch panel.

    • No dipswitch panel or jumper: enabling card mode must be done at the machine programming level by setting the SErPAY option to "CArd" and CArdEn to "On".
      • This is more common with the latest generation Huebsch and Speed Queen equipment.


The following list describes the functionality that a CCI FasCard reader has with Alliance controls:

  • Cycle-based pricing

    • The Galaxy 600 has 6 cycle options. FasCard can charge unique price for each cycle.
      • Normal Hot
      • Normal Warm
      • Normal Cold
      • Blankets Cold
      • Delicate Warm
      • Delicate Cold
  • Cycle modifier pricing

    • The Galaxy 600 has 2 cycle modifiers: Extra Wash and Extra Rinse. FasCard can up-charge the vend price when user selects one or both of these options.
      • Extra Wash
      • Extra Rinse
  • Cycle Configuration

    • The ability to enable, disable, or adjust the following options:
      • Audio Signals 
        • Keypress
        • End of Cycle
        • Coin Drop
        • Serial/Network Vend
        • Start Pad
      • Extra Wash Modifier Options (Key 1)
        • Prewash
        • Extra Rinse
        • Add. Wash Time
          • Add. Wash Time Minutes Dropdown (0-15)
        • Warm Final Rinse
      • Extra Wash Modifier Options (Key 2)
        • Prewash
        • Extra Rinse
        • Add. Wash Time
          • Add. Wash Time Minutes Dropdown (0-15)
        • Warm Final Rinse
      • Default Cycle/Temp
        • Normal/Hot
        • Normal/Warm
        • Normal/Cold
        • Blankets/Cold
        • Delicate/Warm
        • Delicate/Cold
      • Default Cycle Modifiers
        • None 
        • Extra Wash
        • Extra Rinse
        • Extra Wash and Extra Rinse


Cycle Configuration Interface - Equipment Setup

Pricing Interface - Pricing/Schedule Setup

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