When attempting to run the Classic POS software (POS.exe) on the computer, the error "Cannot get store information. POS closed" is shown.


Older operating systems (Win 2K, XP) do not have support for the newer file sharing protocols (SMB v2/v3) and must rely on SMB v1 which is disabled by default in Windows 10. SyncData will enable SMB v1 if it detects a POS (ping but occasionally this does not always work.

To fix this, do the following on each X-Changer (failover as needed):

  1. Start > Run > "optionalfeatures"
  2. Enable "SMB 1.0/CIFS Server"
  3. Restart


Then on the POS, kill/restart the POSCheckDBConnect.exe process, wait a few seconds. Then start the Classic POS (POS.exe).

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