The following article provides insight regarding FasCard/FLEX readers and vending machines regarding vending timing.

General Information

When a loyalty customer would swipe card on a vending machine and select an item to vend, the vend would not occur if the selection was made after approximately five (5) seconds. After those few seconds, the reader would return to the Home Screen.

Operation Details

The customer's selection took longer than the five (5) second wait time. With FasCard installed and Vending Machine reader firmware older than v1.12.09 being utilized, the reader will time out after five (5) seconds if no item is selected. 

The timeout duration was, thus, updated to 255 seconds to avoid this delayed selection timeout.  

If this indeed is the case, the affected reader(s) would need to be updated to the latest MDB Level 1 Vending Machine firmware. In addition, customers must select an item within 255 seconds to receive said product.

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