• You only have to select your preferred language once.  Afterwards, all instructions will be in the selected language.
  • As you become more familiar with using the system, it is not necessary to touch the screen to add value or check the balance of your card.  Simply insert your card at any time and the system will respond, display your card balance, and allow you to add value.

Card Permissions

  • Default Settings exist for each Employee type (Managers, Attendants, Technicians, Collectors).  Click Default Permission Settings and Functions to see details of those settings.
  • You can set permissions for each card dispensed for your employees if you want to change it from the defaulted permissions.  Click Setting Permissions to change or set permissions for each employee.


  • Changing the status of a card reader may take anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds depending on the number of machines in a store. If the X-Changer grid shows the status differently than the card reader, wait a few moments till the card reader is updated by the system.
  • Selecting options 3 or 11 from the machine status screen will put the card reader into a special 'Off Line" mode and the card reader will display "See Attendant" rather then the normal "Machine Out of Service" message. When changing the status from 3 or 11 back to 1 it may take longer for the card reader to respond as long as 10 minutes.
  • Resting the timer on a card reader at the card reader can be done if you have used your card to start it. Simply re-insert your card and the system will reset the timer and allow the card reader to accept a card again. This will not stop the machine if it is in cycle.


  • If a customer has more than two cards to merge, it is possible to repeat the merge process until all of the card balances have been moved to a single card.
  • When merging a card, the name and registration information are not transferred to the new card. If your store captures registration information from customers, it is important that you re register the customer's final card.
  • If you run into a situation where the Bill Acceptor will not accept money, it's always a good idea to try a BNA Power cycle
  • Always watch the top of the X-Changers; the Grey bar at the top of the screen is a status indicator. If you see the bar turn Red, it could indicate that there is problem or the system needs something. Check the problem with the CHECK MESSAGES button from your main menu.


  • Each collection attempt made is logged in the system regardless of which authorized collector retrieves cash from whichever machine. However, any collection performed without a collection card or a card with collector permissions will not be logged. When performing collections, it is strongly recommended to do so with a collection card or a card with collector permissions for store data tracking.


  • Download Links – On many of the report screens you will find a "Download" link located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This link, if available, allows you to download the information on the screen to your remote computer in a '.csv' format. This can usually be opened with any spreadsheet program like Microsoft® Excel™ or Access™.
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