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The Software update is located at:  D:\CCI and named LaundryCard or something similar. (Add pic). 

  1. Run LaundryCard by double-clicking on the software version file.
  2. Software will run as install proc installer.
  3. Click Ok to this prompt and allow to finish installing.
  4. The Configure Hardware utility will automatically run.
  5. Press <Enter> to begin.
    1. The utility will configure the cabinet hardware.

    2. Follow the prompts as required.
    3. Once complete, the computer will restart.

  6. After the computer reboots, the Configure Hardware utility will automatically run again, but the software will skip to testing.

    1. Click <Yes> to the User Account Control prompt.
    2. The ValueStation1 Diagnostic Tool will automatically start

    3. Test the door hardware.
      1. Card Dispenser / Barcode Scanner
        1. Click <Dispense card> in the Card Dispenser section.

        2. Verify that card dispenses and the card number appears on screen 

      2. Local Card Reader

        1. Insert a laundry card into the local card reader.

        2. Verify the card number shows on screen in the Magnetic Strip Reader section.

      3. Bill Acceptor
        1. Click <Start/Accept Bills> in the Bill Acceptor section.

        2. Insert a bill into the bill acceptor.

        3. Verify the correct bill value is shown.

      4. Credit Card Reader (If Applicable)
    4. When done, close the diagnostic tool.

    5. If a device is not working correctly, verify device connections and enter "N" to try again, otherwise enter "Y".

    6. ConfigureHardware will close and syncdata will run. 
    7. Enter password for sync data which is ("sync)".
    8. After sync data completes, when prompted click yes to re-install update.
    9. System will reboot.
  7. Click the Laundry App Utility on the desktop.  If icon is not on present on desktop, click Windows start menu and select from the menu. 
  8. Click on the Start Apps Button. Make sure to close the utility once the software starts.
  9. Repeat on all remaining X-Changers if applicable.