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  1. Install the X-Changer cabinets to allow for front and rear access. The minimum distance behind the X-Changers should be 36”. The X-Changers should not be mounted flush on or against a wall as rear access is required for maintenance.
  2. CCI has a mounting base available that makes installing the X-Changer a simple process. If using a CCI mounting base, then follow the instructions provided with the base.

     Be sure that the bottom of the cabinet is mounted 39" off the floor or follow any ADA requirements that may be in effect.
  3.  Be sure that the target install wall is re-enforced and can hold the weight of the cabinets. It is suggested that the cabinets be installed to protrude out the front side of the wall no more than 2".
  4. Be sure to accommodate for any trim that may be installed around the front of the X-Changer to avoid interference with the door hardware. Use the optional pedestal base to support the rear side of the cabinet.
  5. Each cabinet has two openings on the bottom rear corner. One is sized to accommodate a ½" conduit fitting for installing a 120V AC outlet. Make sure that the circuit that the cabinets are electrically isolated on a private breaker with a solid earth ground connection.
  6. Carefully ground each of the X-Changer cabinets to a solid earth ground. The ground strap should be at least 12-gauge copper electrical wire. The ground connection in the cabinet should be attached to a non-painted metal location within the cabinet. The 120 VAC ground connections should also be connected to the same location within the X-Changer cabinet. The other end of the ground strap should be connected to a physical earth ground (example: cold water pipe …).
  7.  Be sure that this installation meets all local standard electrical construction codes and meets the National Electrical Code. This is essential for the safe operation of your system.
  8.  Test the 120 VAC outlets and verify that each outlet has power and is wired correctly (round = ground, wider prong = neutral, and narrow prong = hot). DO NOT plug anything into the power receptacle.
  9. The second opening is sized to accommodate a 1½ " conduit fitting to run the 5 data lines, the ethernet connect cable, 15-pin X-Changer crossover cable, the printer ethernet cable and any other ethernet extensions. When running the data lines to the X-Changers, remember to leave enough slack to go into the back of the X-Changer and through to the front of the unit. Approximately 1 – 2 feet out the front for slack.

General Specifications

Width (A)

Height (B)

Depth (C)

27 7/8"

25 1/8"

21 1/4"

Electrical Requirements: 120/60/1 Isolated Circuit

Gross Weight: ~190 lbs (with equipment installed)

Shipping Weight: ~240 lbs

Suggested mounting height: 39" from bottom of cabinet to floor

Hinge Location and Operation: Front and rear doors are hinged on side labeled 'C', above.  Door operation requires 2.5" additional space beyond width of cabinet to open fully.

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