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 Testing Customer Cards

It's important to test the customer cards to make sure the X-Changer is interacting properly with the cards.

  1.  On X-Changer A (Primary) purchase a customer card with one dollar ($1).
  2. With a marker, mark the card as “Customer 1”
  3. Confirm the card has value by reinserting the card into the X-Changer. The correct value should appear.
  4. Remove a new card from inside the dispenser that has not been previously dispensed.
  5. Insert the invalid card into the reader on the X-Changer and confirm that the “Invalid Card” screen appears:
  6. Use this “Invalid Card” to attempt to start a random machine. 
  7. Confirm the reader on the machine displays “Invalid Card” and does not start.
  8. This next step assumes the machine you are trying to start costs more than $1. Insert the “Customer 1” card into the same machine and attempt to start the machine. Verify the reader indicates “Low Balance”.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 on the remaining X-Changers.

  1. Insert the Manager Card into the X-Changer A and click Maintenance.
  2. Click Restart System
  3. Click Failover to Backup
  4. Confirm any messages that pop up on the screen.
  5. After the X-Changer reboots, repeat steps 1-8 and confirm results are the same.
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