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This page is intended to guide the user through the process of replacing an X-Changer Card Dispenser (part no. C-1025) in a LaundryCard V2 cabinet

Disconnect any electrical device from power before performing any work on the device. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or any damage that may occur to target equipment. Technical Support recommends using all appropriate safety equipment (such as hand and eye protection) during execution of the instructions below.

Asahi Seiko Card Dispenser

The LaundryCard X-Changer cabinet utilizes an Asahi Seiko belt driven card dispenser.  This guide provides step by step instructions for replacing the card dispenser if a hardware failure should occur.

Required Hardware

Part IDDescriptionImage
Asahi Seiko Card Dispenser
CD-200 12v

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

No.2 Phillips Screwdriver
(Or Equivalent) 

Step 1 - Disconnect Card Dispenser

  1. Unplug the power cable from the card dispenser (shown in red).
  2. Empty the card hopper (shown in yellow).

Step 2 - Remove Bill Magazine from Validator

  1. Remove the bill magazine from the bill validator (located below the card dispenser).

Step 3 - Remove Card Dispenser From Mounting Tray

  1. Locate the four (4) Phillips head screws on the bottom of the card dispenser tray, located above the bill validator.
  2. Remove all four screws and washers. These will be used to attach the new dispenser.
  3. Existing dispenser can now be removed.

Step 4 - Remove Card Dispenser Guide

  1. Remove the card dispenser guide (part no. C-0993) from the front of the card dispenser being replaced.
  2. Attach the card dispenser guide to the new card dispenser being installed. Do not over tighten screws- leave play for final adjustments once installed in X-Changer cabinet.

Step 5 - Install New Card Dispenser

  1. Install new card dispenser by performing step 3 in reverse. Do not over tighten- leave play for final adjustments.
  2. Align card dispenser such that the dispenser guide tray is flush with the door slot.
  3. Once guide tray is properly positioned, tighten screws on guide tray.
  4. Tighten dispenser tray screws.
  5. Reconnect bill validator magazine.
  6. Reconnect power cable disconnected in step 1.

Additional Information