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  1. Plug in the UPS/Battery Backup unit into the 120 VAC power outlet. The battery backup unit is mounted in the cabinet and is the first device from the bottom of the equipment rack, the device is manufactured by TRIPP-LITE. The power cord will be neatly folded and bound with a twist tie, unwrap the cable and plug the cord into the outlet.
  2. Power up the X-Changer cabinet by pressing the power button located on the UPS power supply.

Note: If there is no battery light or if there is no power after plugging in the battery backup, open the front plastic panel of the battery backup by removing the four small screws and inspect the red/black battery connection and reinsert as needed.

  1. Verify that the cooling fan is running in the cabinet, the cooling fan is in the rear upper corner of the cabinet.
  2. The computer and other associated devices should start to power up, the power up sequence takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.
  3. If nothing powers on, you may need to check that the red power switches on the Tripp-Lite Surge protectors are switched to ‘ON’. Simply open the plastic protectors and switch them on.

If the computer does not power up, you may have to press the power button one time.  If the power button lights up with any color other than green, contact CCI technical support.

Your computer power button location may vary from the picture.