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This page is intended to guide the user through installation of additional computer system memory.

Disconnect any electrical device from power before performing any work on the device. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or any damage that may occur to target equipment. Technical Support recommends using all appropriate safety equipment (such as hand and eye protection) during execution of the instructions below.

Required Hardware


Part IDDescriptionImage
Memory Upgrade


Step 1 - Open the Case and Remove the Hard Drive Enclosure

  1. Remove the side case panel from the PC by sliding the lock release (top of case) toward the rear of the case.
    1. Panel lifts away and can be completely removed.
  2. Press the blue tabs (highlighted above) on the hard drive enclosure.
  3. Lift hard drive enclosure free.

Step 2 - Remove Optical Drive

  1. Hold down the blue tab next to the optical drive (highlighted above).
  2. Slide the optical drive toward the rear of the case and lift it away.

Step 3 - Remove Existing Memory

  1. Locate the existing memory in the appropriate slots.
  2. Press down on the tabs at each end of the memory slot. This will cause the existing memory to lift slightly from the slot.
    1. Remove both memory boards in this fashion.

Step 4 - Install New Memory

Memory Upgrade

  1. Install new memory boards in the slots with the white tabs.
    1. This should correspond to the slots from which the existing memory was removed in Step 3.
    2. Memory boards are notched and will only fit into the slot in one direction. Do not force.
  2. Once memory is seated in the slot, press down gently but firmly until the white tabs lock into place.

Step 5 - Re-seat Optical Drive

  1. Re-seat the optical drive by sliding it forward into the slot from which it was removed while depressing the blue tab highlighted in Step 2.
    1. Optical drive should lock into place when the blue tab is released.

Step 6 - Re-seat Hard Drive Enclosure

  1. Re-seat the hard drive enclosure in its original position.
    1. Tabs at the rear of the enclosure fit into the slots highlighted in the image above.
    2. Enclosure should lock into place when seated properly.
  2. Slot case panel (removed in Step 1) into place and press down gently.
    1. Panel should lock into place with minimal effort. Do not force. If panel does not lock, check cable positions inside case and clear any obstruction.