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This guide describes various ways for store owners to limit credit card chargebacks.

New Chargeback Regulations

VISA is implementing new regulations that should help reduce small ticket chargebacks. As of July 22, 2016 VISA will not process chargebacks under $25.

LaundryCard Configuration Best Practices

The best way to reduce chargebacks is to have employees validate credit card transactions by checking customer IDs.

  1. Lower the Credit Card Maximum Amount. This value controls the maximum amount that can be charged via credit card per transaction.
  2. Set the Daily Credit Card Limit to the highest amount that a customer can charge via credit card before seeing an employee. This value controls the total amount a customer can spend on the current day before requiring an employee override.
    1. Example ($19, as above): If a customer tries to charge $20, the system will display a message instructing the customer to see an employee for override. At this point, the employee can ask to see an ID or any other requirements your business may have.
    2. Example ($1): This would require the first transaction with a particular credit card to be verified. Once an employee has verified the card, the customer use the card as much as needed for that day (Max per transaction still applies).