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This page is intended to guide the user through removal and replacement of the X-Changer Bill Note Acceptor for LaundryCard systems.

Disconnect any electrical device from power before performing any work on the device. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or any damage that may occur to target equipment. Technical Support recommends using all appropriate safety equipment (such as hand and eye protection) during execution of the instructions below.

Required Hardware

Please contact Technical Support before ordering a replacement bill note acceptor. Bill note acceptors vary across X-Changer types and cannot be mounted universally.

Bill Note Acceptor (BNA)
Downstack MEI AE-2831-D10E
Bill Note Acceptor (BNA)
Upstack MEI AE-2811-U10E

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

Required Tools
Phillips head screwdriver

Socket wrench

Socket: 11/32"


Step 1 - Remove Bill Cassette

  1. Open the front door of the X-Changer cabinet.
  2. Remove the bill cassette from the bill note acceptor.

Step 2 - Disconnect BNA Power and Data

  1. Disconnect the power and data cables connected to the right side of the bill note acceptor.
    1. Use caution - do not pull on the wires as doing so with sufficient force may detatch them from the connector.

Step 3 - Remove BNA from Cabinet Door

  1. Locate and remove the four (4) 11/32" kep nuts (outlined in red).
    1. On the C-1002 (V1 Cabinet) one nut is located on each side of the BNA and two are located near the top.
    2. On the C-1004 (V2 Cabinet) one nut is located on each side of the BNA and two are located near the bottom.

Step 4 - Install New BNA

Bill Note Acceptor (BNA)
Bill Note Acceptor (BNA)

  1. Install the new bill note acceptor into the opening created by removing the previous acceptor.
  2. Reverse the preceeding steps to install.
    1. Tighten kep nuts in appropriate locations.
    2. Connect power and data cables as previously connected.
    3. Attach bill cassette.

Additional Information