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The LaundryCard System is equipped with battery backups to help recover from power loss, as well the system is capable of automatically failing over to backup systems in the event that a computer shuts down or if a system were to come off line.  The following steps will test this functionality.

  1. Purchase a card with enough funds to start at least 5 machines, wait 6 minutes for backup to occur
  2. Insert Manager Card, choose Store Status
  3. Identify which X-Changer is running in Primary Database mode by reviewing the store status screen.  The top most section of the screen identifies which X-Changer is the Primary and which is Backup.
  4. Go to the Primary Database X-Changer as identified in step 3, and remove the power from the X-Changer by unplugging it from the outlet.  The internal UPS will start to sound a beeping noise, and should start a shutdown sequence after approximately 2 minutes after power loss.
  5. Once the Primary Database X-Changer has fully shut down, it can take up to 5 minutes for the system to automatically fail over to the back up system, during this time the remaining X-Changer may appear to be 'locked up' this is normal and will resume once the fail over is complete.
  6. Once the fail over is complete, use the card purchased in Step one and verify that the balance still shows on the remaining 'Up' X-Changer
  7. Use the card purchased in Step 1 and test start a machine from any of the card reader lines
  8. Power up the 'Down' X-Changer by reconnecting its power source, and wait for the system to fully start up.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 on the other X-Changer