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This page is intended to guide the user through the replacement of an Elo touchscreen monitor in an X-Changer cabinet.

Installation Instructions

  • Select the appropriate tab for instructions by cabinet version.
  • Monitor appearance may vary dependent upon changes made by the vendor.


Version 1 Cabinet

Install Kit (ELO_RET_V1)

QTYPart NumberDescriptionImage
1C-1052Elo 15" LCD Touchmonitor
1C-1052PElo power supply for C-1052

Tips & Warnings

    • Upon removing the existing monitor attach edging (C-1380) to cabinet prior to installing new monitor.


  • Disconnect and remove existing monitor from cabinet.

  • Place new ELO touchscreen monitor face down on monitor bezel (C-1053B) 

  • Attach two screws (C-1011) to both the top and bottom of bezel to the ELO monitor.

  • Place bracket (C-1056) across the back of the ELO monitor and attach ELO supplied screws (equivalent to C-1011) to the monitor.

  1. Attach monitor edging (C-1380) to cabinet prior to installation of new monitor.
  2. Attach the unit to the bolts on the cabinet and tighten down using existing nuts.

  • Re-attach cables to newly installed monitor.
    1. Connect and hand tighten screws from blue VGA video cable.
    2. Attach power supply cable (C-1053P)
    3. Connect USB cable
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Elo monitor software should already be present on X-Changer.

Calibrate the Touch Screen

  1. Press the Windows flag button on your keyboard and click on 'Run'.
  2. Type the following in the 'Run' box: C:\Program Files\EloTouchSystems\EloVa.exe and click 'OK'.
  3. The Elo Touch calibration program will open to align your new touch screen. Once open, you will see a bullseye on the top left. 
    Using your finger, touch the bullseye as close to the center as possible. Repeat that with the following bullseyes that appear.
  4. Once complete, press the green check mark.
  5. You have now calibrated your new touch screen and can begin to use the X-changer again.


Version 2 Cabinet

Install Kit (ELO_RET_V2)

QTYPart NumberDescriptionImage
1C-1052Elo 15" LCD Touchmonitor
1C-1052-V2Elo Retrofit assembly v2
1C-1052PElo power supply for C-1052


  • Unplug cables from ELO touchscreen.
This step will release the monitor from the door. CCI commends having someone support the monitor while screws are removed.
  • Remove the 4 pan head screws (Part # C-1011) securing the touchscreen to the bracket (Part # C-1053BR).

  1. Remove the touchscreen with the bezel (Part # C-1053B) attached from the X-Changer door.
  2. Remove the 8 phillips head screws (2 on each side.) securing the bezel to the touchscreen.
  3. Remove the old touchscreen from the bezel and place the new touchscreen into the bezel.
  1. Attach bezel with the 8 phillips head screws.
  2. Place touchscreen with bezel attached back into the X-Changer door from the front. Secure to bracket with 4 pan head screws, and plug cables back in (Refer to the image for steps 1 and 2 for reference.).
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard to bring up the task bar. Next to the system time in the bottom right corner, look for an elo icon and double click on it. 
  • (If you do not see the icon, click on the upwards pointing arrow on the left end of the icons to show any hidden icons as depicted in the image above. If the icon is still not there, then the Elo software will need to be installed.)

  1. Under the "Properties 1" tab, click the Align button and follow the prompts to align the touchscreen.
  2. Close the Elo Touchscreen Control Panel window and bring back up the KeepAGoin window and click the refresh button to restart the startup countdown.