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 This page is intended to guide the user through the replacement of X-Changer Version 1 distribution boards with updated Control Head units.

Disconnect any electrical device from power before performing any work on the device. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or any damage that may occur to target equipment. Technical Support recommends using all appropriate safety equipment (such as hand and eye protection) during execution of the instructions below.

Installation Kit

QTYPart NumberDescriptionImage
2C-0525CCI Control Head
2C-0635-RBarcode Scanner Cable - DB9
1C-1018-15VMaster / Slave 15v Pwr Cable
1C-103615-Pin CrossOver Cable
2C-12806 Foot AC Power Cord

The kit below includes a replacement barcode scanner cable for the original Welch Allyn (C-1010) scanner.  Users that have upgraded to later model scanners (Symbol, Motorola, Zebra, etc) do not require this cable.  This kit is required for all X-Changers containing distribution boards (i.e. one kit per X-Changer cabinet).

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

  • 7/16" Socket driver
  • No.2 Phillips screwdriver

Install Guide 

Perform the instructions below on the Backup unit and then the Primary. To determine which system is Backup and which is Primary, see 'Determining the Primary System'. If X-Changer A is not the primary system, perform a system fail-over before following the steps below.


Step 1 - Disconnect Distribution Boards

Fig. 1a - Breakers

Fig. 1b - Distribution Board Ports

Fig. 1c - 'To Other Value Center' Port Detail

  1. In X-Changer A, flip breakers into the 'Off' position. (Fig. 1a)
  2. Disconnect all cables connecting the Master distribution board to the Slave distribution board (connections denoted in red). Do not discard cables. (Fig. 1b and Fig. 1c)
    1. Set aside the cables connected to the '15v Out' and 'To Other Value Center' ports for later use.
    2. Designate one of the 15v cables as 15v and the other cable as 12v. Verify both ends of the cable and label appropriately to prevent cross-wiring.
  3. Once all cables in the highlighted area have been disconnected, flip breakers into the 'On' position. This will allow X-Changer A to continue to run the store while modifications are made in X-Changer.

Step 2 - Disconnect Card Dispenser Communication Board

Fig. 2a - Dispenser Cable Detail

Fig. 2b - Dispenser Board Ready for Removal

The highlighted card dispenser cable connects to the appropriately labeled port on the control head unit. (Fig. 2a)

  1. Locate the Card Dispenser communication board on the underside of the upper cabinet section.
  2. Disconnect all cables from the communication board. (Fig. 2b)
  3. Disconnect the board from the cabinet using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  4. The board may now be removed from the cabinet.

Step 3 - Disconnect Remaining Connections from Distribution Board

Fig. 3a - SeaLevel Front

Fig. 3b - SeaLevel Rear

Fig. 3c - SeaLevel Disconnected

Fig. 3d - Disconnect SeaLevel USB

Fig. 3e - Distribution Board Connections

Fig. 3f - Distribution Board, Cat5 Disconnect

Fig. 3g - Distribution Board, Ready for Removal

Fig. 3h - Discard Serial Cables

  • X-Changers utilizing the original Welch Allyn barcode scanner (C-1010) will need to disconnect the combination serial/ethernet cable (connected to port 2 in the SeaLevel device) from the barcode scanner (not pictured). This will be replaced by the C-0635-R barcode scanner cable, which will be connected to the appropriately labeled port on the control head unit.
  • The X-Changer cabinet may utilize a single 8-port SeaLevel device or two 4-port SeaLevel devices. The steps listed below are suitable for both configurations.
  1. Locate the SeaLevel device. (Fig. 3a and Fig. 3b)
  2. Disconnect all serial cable connections from the SeaLevel device. (Fig. 3c)
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from the SeaLevel device.
  4. Trace the USB cable to the computer and disconnect from computer. (Fig. 3d)
  5. The SeaLevel device may now be removed from the cabinet.
  6. Locate the Cat5 (ethernet) and serial cables connected at the distribution board. (Fig. 3e)
  7. Label Cat5 cables appropriately as needed. Lines run from top to bottom and are designated as follows: Local Reader (top), Line 0, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4 (bottom).
  8. Disconnect Cat5 cables. (Fig. 3f)
  9. Disconnect the serial cables from the distribution board. (Fig. 3g)
  10. Remove serial cables from cable management system (gray plastic) and discard. (Fig. 3h)

Step 4 - Remove Distribution Panel

Fig. 4a - Cable Management
Fig. 4b - Kep Nut Location
Fig. 4c - Removing Distribution Panel
  1. Locate the cable management system and remove the top panel.

  2. Cables may now be pulled away from distribution panel. (Fig. 4a)
    1. Disconnect any cables that still connect the distribution panel to other devices.
    2. When removing the distribution panel in X-Changer A, unplug the power cable from the battery backup unit.
    3. Remaining cables connecting to other devices (e.g. cables from door hardware going to PC) may need to be reorganized.
  3. Remove the four kep nuts located in the corners of the distribution panel using a 7/16" socket driver. (Fig. 4b)
  4. Panel should slide off of bolts easily and may now be removed from cabinet. (Fig. 4c)

Step 5 - Install Control Head Unit

Fig. 5a - Control Head Placement

Fig. 5b - All Cables Connected

Fig. 5e - Installation Complete

Fig. 5c - C-0635-R Barcode Scanner Cable

Fig. 5d - Control Head Scanner Connection

  1. Set control head unit inside of cabinet in preferred orientation- status lights and port connections are on the front of unit while power switch is on the rear of unit. (Fig. 5a)
  2. Connect Card Dispenser cable (disconnected in Step 2, above) to appropriately labeled port. (Fig. 5b)
  3. Connect all Cat5 lines to appropriately labeled ports (lines were labeled in Step 3, above).
  4. Connect the designated 15v line to the appropriately labeled 15v port on the control head unit. This line connects to both control head units.
  5. Connect the designated 12v line to the appropriately labeled 12v port on the control head unit. This line connects to both control head units.
  6. Connect the 'To Other Value Center' cable to the appropriately labeled port on the control head unit. This line connects to both control head units.
  7. Connect the USB A > B cable B side (square) to the appropriately labeled port on the control head unit.
  8. Connect the USB A > B cable A side (rectangle) to any open USB port on the computer.
  9. Users with the original Welch Allyn (C-1010) barcode scanner must run the barcode scanner cable (C-0635-R) included in the installation kit.
    1. Connect the Cat5 end of the cable to the port on the Welch Allyn barcode scanner. (Fig. 5c)
    2. Connect the serial end to the appropriately labeled port on the control head unit. (Fig. 5d)
  10. Connect control head power cable and plug into battery backup outlet.
  11. Power on control head unit using the white rocker switch on rear of unit.
  12. This unit is now installed (fig. 5e). Contact CCI Technical Support to complete software side installation.
  13. Once Technical Support has been contacted and completed software side installation, perform a system fail-over and repeat process on X-Changer B.