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To test and ensure the stability of the control heads in both X-Changers.



  • Access to front and back of X-Changer cabinet.

Frequency of Cleaning:  Every 6 Months

Tips & Warnings

  • Perform control head preventative maintenance at a time that is convenient as machines can become inoperable for a few minutes while testing.
  • If there are any red lights on either control head, power it off by flipping the white switch on the back of the control head and then power it back up to see if this resets the control head.


  1. Starting at the front, check for 3 green voltage lights.
  2. Red lights are an indication of either a short on a line or a problem with the card dispenser, card readers or bar code scanner or no power to the control head.
  3. Go to Store Status and find out which X-Changer is running WCRD in Backup Mode.  From the X-Changer running WCRD in Backup Mode, log off the computer and unplug cables for lines 0 - 4 from the control head then disconnect the cable connected to 'Other Value Center'.  
  4. Go to Store Status and find out which X-Changer is running WCRD in Master Mode.  Make sure there are no problem readers and that all machines have good poll counts. 
  5. If there are no problem readers and the poll counts look normal, plug cables for lines 0 - 4 back into the control head and reconnect the cable to 'Other Value Center'.
  6. Log off of computer that is currently running WCRD in master mode.
  7. On the other computer (the one running WCRD in backup mode) go to Store Status and verify that WCRD has switched from backup mode to master mode, this might take up to two minutes to 'fail over'.  
  8. Once it is confirmed that master mode has 'failed over' to the other X-Changer begin check of the control head starting at Step 1 - Step 4.