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  1. Insert the Managers Card provided in the Kit.
  2. Choose System Setup from main menu.
  3. Choose General Info from the System Setup Menu.
  4. Complete the fields in the Store Info section of the page. Make sure to enter the correct store number as the system will not operate if the number is entered incorrectly. More information regarding the rest of this page, can be found in the Laundry Card user guide.

  5. Once you have filled out this information click the “Save” button at the top of the screen.

The following sections on the General Information page should be completed before the store opens and should be done at the customers discretion.

Complete the following fields:

Misc Info

  1. Local Reader Functionality ie: card stays in reader
  2. New Card Deposit

Screen Messages

  1. Main Screen Message "Scrolls at bottom of home screen".
  2. Money Messages, 1 and 2:  "Messages that scroll at bottom of the payment screens"

Credit Card Settings

  1. Set Credit Card Min
  2. Set Credit Card Max
  3. Set Daily credit card limit
  4. Enable Receipt Printer if applicable