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Quick Reference Chart

LAUNDRYCARDSymptomCauseResolution (try one at a time)
X-Changer Software

Invalid card after dispense

NOTE: Over time a dispenser will:

  • lose speed/accuracy
  • accumulate lint or sustain wear to the gray loading wheel under the cards
  • require refurbishment service to the internal shutter that controls card thickness
  1. Bar code on card was not scanned by laser (check Escrow)

  2. New card range has not been activated yet

  • Using VS1diag or the Manager's menu, test dispense and make adjustments until scanning is consistent to 50 cards.

  • Use Activate Cards feature in Manager's menu

Laundry program responds slowly to touch
  1. Mode is 'mouse emulation'
  2. Alignment/calibration is off
  3. Screen is dirty
  • Open Elo properties menu and set touch mode to 'click on touch' then save the new setting.
  • Align screen from properties menu
  • Use moist cloth to wipe touch screen

Unable to open communication:

CD (card dispenser)
BCR (bar code reader)
MSR (mag stripe reader)
BNA (bill note acceptor) 

Computer has lost track of device
  • Screen Reset the computer having the problem
  • Manually power cycle device (BNA pow cyc in Attendant's menu)
  • Reboot computer

Negative balance in card activityDatabase transaction(s) missing or out of chronological order.
  • Verify time is the same on both computers

X-Changer HardwareTouch screen is black

Computer is not sending, or monitor is not receiving a video signal.

VGA cable:
  • Verify power is reaching computer and monitor
  • Re-seat blue VGA cable at both ends
  • Reboot computer

Blinking amber light on Dell computerHardware problem with motherboard or power supply

Find out if computer is in warranty with Dell

Blank card reader displayReader is off
  • Check both cat 5 network cable connections to reader

"See Attendant" on card reader display

Vend price software WCRD is unable to reach the card reader (try Super card)

  • Find out which computer has WCRD in Master mode and reboot it (fail-over if Primary).
  • Check Store Status for problem readers

"Bad Card Orientation" on card reader displayIR sensor is blocked & mag strip is not read
  • Use cleaning card to scrub read head
  • Remove all dust from card reader

Re-swipe card multiple times
  1. Card reader receives partial magnetic strip
  2. Magnetic strip is damaged
  • Try inserting card more quickly
  • Use cleaning card to scrub read head
  • Try newer card

EPC not supplying power to rear outlets
  1. One or more individual channels are off

  2. TrippLite battery is bad
  3. Bus A or Bus B is switched off
  • Make sure front channels are in the ON or REMOTE position, then connect to the EPC with a computer and verify no channels have been "locked" which prevents it from being tampered with.
  • Replace the rechargeable TrippLite battery cell if the bus connected to it stops working.
  • Find and toggle the power switches for each bus in the rear of the EPC if necessary.

Other Support Topics:

Super Card

Used to start equipment that displays "See Attendant". There is a 5 second delay per swipe.


Diagnostic Card will show line number (L=x) unit address (A=x) machine ID (M=x) and poll count (P=x) of a card reader without power cycling it.


VS1diag - how to reach computer desktop

  1. Insert a Manager’s card.
  2. Click "Shutdown" on the main menu then only begin the reboot process for the X-Changer being tested.
  3. Another window appears indicating the computer is about to reboot. CLICK CANCEL as only the laundry application needs to close, not Windows.
  4. Double-click VS1diag on the desktop (v7 and older), or open the Laundry App Utility and click Diagnostics (v8 and newer).
  5. Click the button labeled "Dispense Cards". The card's serial number appears when it is scanned properly.
  6. If the card is not scanned, open the front door and thoroughly clean dust/debris.
  7. It is now a trial and error process. If there is no scan after a card dispenses:
    1. Try tilting the laser so it points towards the exit slot – the cut out part of the X-Changer door.
    2. Try twisting it clockwise because the barcode is printed more on the left side of the card.
    3. Try raising it to give the laser wider scanning area.
    4. The tray that guides the card before reaching the customer can be moved about 1/8” up or down
    5. The dispenser itself can be moved forward or backward in its mounting bracket about the same amount as the tray.