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Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance is recommended to prolong the life of the bill acceptor and reduce the potential for system downtime.  Additionally, if the bill acceptor is not accepting bills or is rejecting bills (pulling them in and returning them), the bill acceptor may require troubleshooting. See below for more information outlined within each tab.


Maintenance Procedure

Bill Acceptor Status

Frequency of Cleaning:  Monthly

  • Upon opening the X-Changer, inspect the rear of the bill acceptor and check for any abnormal status conditions, as illustrated below in Fig. 1a and Fig. 1b. If no abnormal status conditions exist, proceed to step 2.

Bill Acceptor Magazine

  • Follow the steps to remove the bill magazine and access the bill path, as illustrated on the bill acceptor magazine and above in Fig. 2a and Fig. 2b.

Bill Sensor

  • Verify that bill path is clear of dust and debris (Fig. 3a).  
  • Clean wheels using a laundry card and scrape the debris off of the wheels while rotating.
    • NOTE Do not use any metal objects to scrape the wheels.
  • Using a lint-free cloth and Windex, clean the lens window as needed before sliding bill sensor back into place.
  • With the same cloth, clean the inside of the bill acceptor, belts and platen.
  • Reinsert the sensor tray
  • Reconnect bill acceptor magazine.

Troubleshooting Procedure

Power Cycling the Bill Acceptor

  1. Using a card with the proper permissions, select Maintenance from the main menu.
  2. Select Bill Acceptor Power Cycle.
  3. Wait for the bill acceptor to finish power cycling.

Bill Acceptor Data Connections

  • If the bill acceptor fails to function after Step 1, reset the power and data connections by removing and re-seating the power and data cables located along the side of the bill acceptor opposite the dip switches.

Dip Switches

  • If the bill acceptor fails to function after Step 2, verify the dip switch settings. All dip switches (except dip switch 3) should be set to the "Off" position.

Pulleys and Drive-Wheels

  • If the bill acceptor still fails to function after Step 3, verify that pulleys and drive-wheels are free of paper and debris.

Magazine Sensor

  • If the bill acceptor diagnostic light (Preventative Maintenance tab, Fig. 1a) indicates a continuous "Magazine Removed" error while the magazine is seated, examine the area around the magazine sensor for debris or dirt, shown above.

Video Tutorial

  • Video provided by MEI