This page is includes information regarding upgrading an existing LaundryCard system to the latest LaundryCard version (V9).

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Updates and New Features


All upgrades (software and hardware) must be purchased directly from CCI or through an authorized CCI distributor. CCI will not support hardware purchased from 3rd party vendors.

All upgrades must be scheduled with CCI tech support. Update appointments will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Store owners may pay for upgrades and hardware with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Payment is required prior to update and prior to any equipment shipping.

In order to be eligible for the upgrade your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Someone with keys to the X-Changers must be present during the upgrade.
  • X-Changers connected to high-speed internet and remotely accessible.
  • X-Changers running with screen resolution of 1028x768.
    • Customers using Elo monitors model 1545L will need to replace those monitors with the newest model.  (Model number is located on the back of the monitor inside the X-Changer cabinet).
  • X-Changers running one of the following Dell Optiplex computers: XE2, XE3
  • System running healthy for at least 2 weeks.
  • All card reader cabling healthy.
  • Store can run independently from both main X-Changers.


All pricing is subject to change at any time. Taxes (if applicable) and shipping are not included.


If the store does not meet the above prerequisites new hardware may be required. All systems require a minimum of TWO (2) compatible computers to run LaundryCard software.

Dell XE3 Computer
LaundryCard Router Firewall


Software pricing is dependent on the stores current version of LaundryCard software and support contract status. Pricing is for 2 X-Changers at a single store.

For stores with 3 or 4 X-Changers there will be an additional charge of $150 per X-Changer for the software upgrade.

Current VersionValid Support ContractExpired Support Contract
Includes 1 year support
Systems installed after 6/1/2017FREEN/A
LaundryCard v8$700$1300
LaundryCard v7$900$1500
LaundryCard v5 or v6$1850$2450

Credit Card Acceptance

CCI highly recommends upgrading to our EMV solution. EMV offers more secure transactions for your customers and provides an easier path towards PCI compliance.

LaundryCard supports two credit card processing platforms; Authorize.Net for traditional magnetic stripe credit cards and Octopi (formerly Monetary) for also accepting EMV/contactless payment methods.

For v8 stores, credit cards will continue to work without any changes. Older v6 or v7 stores using the PCCharge platform must upgrade their credit card implementation to continue to accept credit cards. PCCharge is no longer supported.

Accepting EMV / Contactless payment methods

LaundryCard also supports EMV (chip) and contactless transactions with a credit card solution upgrade.

For more information regarding EMV go here: Accepting EMV and contactless payments with LaundryCard - Ingenico Hardware

NOTE: Locations that currently accept credit cards via Authorize.net or PCCharge and wish to switch to upgrade to EMV will need to change to CCI's preferred merchant processor, currently only CCI's preferred processor is supported!

Advanced Point of Sales

Customers with Advanced Point of Sales running TMS software will need to contact CSI for assistance with credit card acceptance, as TMS does not use Authorize.Net.

For more information go here: http://www.computersystemsint.com/Product/cat/40

Upgrade Process

Customers interested in upgrading should call CCI (866-860-1660) to coordinate the upgrade.

  1. CCI will assess your current system and perform a series of checks and tests to ensure that your system meets the requirements.
  2. Once the assessment is complete, CCI will generate an upgrade quote.
  3. Once payment for the upgrade is received, the CCI technician will schedule the upgrade. Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Someone with keys to the X-Changers must be present during the upgrade. The upgrade can take between 1-2 hours. During the beginning of the upgrade there will be a short period of time (5 minutes or less) where customers will not be able to start machines. Currently running machines will continue to run. Please be prepared to use your Super Card to accommodate their business.
  5. The upgrade will be delivered on a USB flash drive prior to the scheduled install date.  This USB also contains a clean copy of the LaundryCard software that can be used to restore a computer in the event of a hard drive or computer failure. DO NOT LOSE THIS USB.