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  • What if I lose my card?
    Report it immediately to the management.  The store Owners/Managers can deactivate the card so it won't be used by anyone else.
  • I put my card in the X-changer, but the screen didn't show me my account. Why?
    You took out your card. Leave it in the reader to see your information. Otherwise, the machine gets ready for the next customer.


  • I put in $5 when I got my card but my balance is only $4.40. Why?
    In some stores, a deposit is required to get a new card. This small deposit keeps customers from throwing away their cards. If there is a $.60 deposit, for example, it will be taken when you get your card. This deposit is only taken ONCE, not every time you add money. (Many stores will give you your deposit back if you turn in the card to the attendant.)
  • Why was my credit card charged for $20.80 when I added $20.00 to my LaundryCard?
    In some stores, a small surcharge (sometimes referred to as a convenience fee) is applied when using a credit/debit card. If required by the store, the fee is applied at a flat percentage basis any time a credit/debit card transaction takes place. Surcharges/convenience fees do not apply to cash transactions.


  • Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting and technical articles are available on the secured support channel of our website, where you'll find the latest troubleshooting information. Usernames and Passwords can be obtained from CCI technical support. 
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