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LaundryCard System

With the LaundryCard™ System, you have the convenience of doing laundry without the hassles of carrying coins to start the equipment. You may also get bonuses that the store is offering as a reward for your business.  In some cases, a Store Owner may own multiple stores where a customer can use their LaundryCard at any of those locations.  The customer must check with the Store Owner to know at which locations their card will be accepted.

This manual refers to certain terms that may be helpful to you. These terms are described below. 

LaundryCard™The plastic "charge cards" used in this Laundromat in place of coins. They can start equipment and buy products and services in this store. You get your card here, add value to it, and use it only at this location.
Card readers The small devices that read your LaundryCard™.  Card readers are installed on laundry machines, some vending machines, and possibly even on doors. The card readers show how much it costs to run a machine, and after you 'swipe' your card, it also tells you the remaining balance on your card. When a machine is running, it shows (approximately) how much time is left on a machine before it is available again.
X-ChangerThe machine that lets you get a new LaundryCard™, add value to it, or check its balance.
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