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This page is a troubleshooting guide for FasCard Kiosk Dispenser issues.

Table of Contents

Use this guide when the loyalty kiosk has trouble dispensing cards. Please follow these steps before replacing the unit. Regular maintenance is required to ensure correct operation.


Can of compressed airPhillips screwdriverLint-free towelRubber Roller SolutionLong cotton swabs

Step 1: Power Cycle Kiosk

Shutdown/Reboot - the quickest way to resolve an issue

  1. Slide open front of kiosk 

  2. Press maintenance button on back of screen.

  3. Press Maintenance Menu button, then Shutdown/Reboot and finally the Shutdown Computer button.


  4. After the computer has shut down, power off the kiosk using the supply switch. Wait 2 minutes.


  5. Switching kiosk power back on will also start the computer. Test dispense again once the kiosk is ready. If testing fails, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Internal Check of Components

Be careful working with internal dispenser parts. They are VERY fragile.

This picture shows the dispenser components to be checked:

  1. Shutdown

  2. Open retention carriage by pulling the Release Bar and lifting up. Take care to avoid the wire loom when lifting.

  3. Inspect the Rollers and Read Head for dirt and/or damage.


If rollers are clean and do not have a glossy appearance, attempt to clean read head and white tension bars by doing the following:

  • Apply a small amount of alcohol to the cotton swab. Dab on the towel to remove excess liquid.
  • Clean the read head by rubbing the swab in the direction that cards travel. DO NOT go against the card path direction. 
  • Clean the white tension bars thoroughly as dirt and grime tends to build up on these.
  • Using a dry portion of the towel, Wipe off any excess liquid from the read head and tension bars. 
  • Restart the computer and test dispense a number of cards to ensure proper operation. If testing fails, proceed to Step 3.

Alternate Cleaning Instructions:

Step 1. Hinge up the shuttle over the read head and wipe down the top and bottom areas with an alcohol wipe

taking care to avoid the four rubber rollers. Make sure to clean the white nylon guides and upper rollers well. 

Step 2. Spray a small amount of the rubber roller cleaner into the spray can cap and then dab in a q-tip. 

Step 3. Hold and rotate the q-tip over one of the rubber rollers while sticking a card in the front far enough to get

the wheels turning. Wait for the first wheel to reverse before removing card and moving on to the second wheel. 

Step 4. Dip the other end of the q-tip in the can cap and wet it.  Repeat Step 3 for the other two shuttle wheels. 

Step 5. Clean the two new card feed rubber wheels behind the shuttle per step 3.  Use a new q-tip if needed. 

Step 6. – Hinge shuttle back down and snap closed. 

Step 7 – Run a clean Fascard through the front at least 3 times until it is driven through smoothly without slipping.

Clean card off of excess lubricant between insertions

Step 3: Physical Adjustments

As the kiosk door is cranked shut, it may push the dispenser out of alignment. This last step is meant to correct the orientation of the dispenser itself.

  1. Open the front of the Kiosk as far as it will go. Take care not to bump the dispenser.
  2. Loosen but DO NOT remove the (6) mounting screws at the base of the dispenser. There may only be 5 screws which is fine.
  3. Push the dispenser tightly to the front of the tray.
    1. Close and crank the kiosk shut.
  4. Open the front of the Kiosk as far as it will go. Take care not to bump the dispenser.
  5. Without moving the dispenser, tighten the mounting screws down.
    1. Close and crank the kiosk shut.
  6. Test dispense a number cards to ensure proper operation.