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This document describes maintenance and daily operation procedures for the Touch Kiosk. It is not intended to serve as a guide for the end user or laundry customer. 

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Standard Operations

This section details standard, day to day operations and functions that the store owner or manager may be expected to perform. 

Opening the Touch Kiosk

  1. Use the supplied Medco key to remove the lock core from the lock shell.
  2. Insert the supplied lock handle into the lock shell and rotate the handle counter clockwise until the bolt disengages from the lock nut.
    1. If opening the front door, pull forward-  the kiosk drawer will slide forward on a track.
    2. If opening the rear door, pull open with a standard swing motion.

Loading FasCard Loyalty Cards into the Touch Kiosk

To view a step by step guide to loading FasCard loyalty cards into the kiosk, click the arrow adjacent to the expanding header titled 'Loading the Touch Kiosk - Step by Step'.

Loading Loyalty Cards
  1. Open the Kiosk drawer and locate the card hopper
  2. Press the hopper release lever until the hook portion of the lever clears the retention rod on the hopper.
  3. Slide the hopper toward the rear of the kiosk and lift from base.
  4. Load cards into hopper with card artwork face up.
  5. Arrow on card points toward the rear of the kiosk.
  6. Return hopper to dispenser base by using the reverse of step 2.

Collecting Money from The Touch Kiosk 

To view a step by step guide to performing a collection on the Touch Kiosk, click the arrow adjacent to the expanding header titled 'Collecting the Touch Kiosk - Step by Step'.

  1. Insert a Manager or Collector card (Below, a Manager card was used to generate the images.  A Collector card will only have Collect option).
  2. Press Collect.
  3. Press Collect $x.xx to proceed with collection, or press Back.
  4. While collecting money from the Kiosk, it will display an Out of Service message.
  5. Open front of kiosk following instructions above.
  6. Collect cash from bill validator and replace bill magazine.
  7. Close kiosk door.
  8. Press Done when finished.

Maintenance Functions

This section details standard maintenance and diagnostic functions that can be performed on the Touch Kiosk.

Accessing Maintenance and Diagnostic Menus

The Maintenance and Diagnostic menus can be accessed by using a Manager card in the Touch Kiosk card reader or can be accessed using the Maintenance button.  When using the Maintenance button, open the front door of the touch kiosk as described and press the button shown below (located on the distribution board, behind the monitor).  Utilizing either a Manager card or the Maintenance button will load the Maintenance Options menu.

Touch Kiosk Maintenance Button

The Touch Kiosk Maintenance menu offers several options, detailed below.

Maintenance Menu




Change Machine#

This option allows the user to change the configured machine address.  For more information on addressing a Touch Kiosk, see the FasCard Touch Kiosk Installation guide (under the 'Activate the Touch Kiosk' heading).

  • This option allows the user to shutdown or restart the Touch Kiosk.  This is the only approved method to shutdown the Touch Kiosk.
    • If shutdown is performed to initiate work on internal components, disconnect the power cable from the wall or rear of the Touch Kiosk drawer.

Update Firmware

 This option allows the user to make changes to the system firmware and should not be utilized without direct guidance from Technical Support.

BackThis option returns the user to the previous menu.

Diagnostic Menu



Show Satellite Status

  • This option allows the user to view information regarding the Satellite Access Point to which the Touch Kiosk is connected.  This feature is typically used by onsite personnel at the request of Technical Support.
    • Sat: - This status line describes the SatWare version currently installed on the Satellite.
    • MAC: - This status line indicates the unique hardware address of Satellite network interface.
    • Net: - This status line indicates the network status of the Satellite.  
    • VPN: - This status line indicates the VPN address of the Satellite.
    • Pub: - This status line indicates the public IP address of the Satellite, if any.

Show VersionsThis option allows the user to view specific information about the Touch Kiosk including the machine number, equipment type, and firmware version.
Start DiagnosticsThis option allows the user to use the diagnostic test functions of the Touch Kiosk.

Using Diagnostic Functions

1Win ActivatedIndicates that Windows is activated on the kiosk

2Ready/IdleIndicates the status of the wireless driver
3Reinstall Device

An active button to reinstall the reinstall the wireless device.  It will:

  • Uninstall the device
  • Re-install the device
  • Reconnect and configure the IP information 
4OnlineIndicates the card reader status
5Reinstall DeviceReinstall the magnetic stripe reader in the card dispenser
6Reset CommsReset the communications with the magnetic stripe reader in the card dispenser
7Power OnPower Cycle the Bill Acceptor
8OnlineIndicates the status of the Bill Acceptor
9OnlineIndicates the status of the Card Dispenser
10Dispense CardDispense a card (This does not add the dispensed card to any account.)
11Power OnPower Cycle the Card Dispenser

The Touch Kiosk Diagnostic Functions are intended to be used for troubleshooting issues under the guidance of Technical Support.

The options within the Touch Kiosk Diagnostic Functions screen perform as illustrated above.  Additionally, all system activity is entered into the text log displayed on the lower portion of the screen and may be exported via USB flash drive under the direction of Technical Support.

Additional Information