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The FasCard Touch Kiosk has multiple options that can be configured by users with Admin or Equipment Setup privileges.  These configuration options are found by signing in to the  FasCard Admin Site and navigating to the Equipment Types page under the Setup tab.

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Configuration Details

Configuration OptionDescription
NameThis field allows the name of the kiosk to be edited.  Note: This name will show up on reporting that includes totals by equipment type.
NotesThis field allows any notes to be recorded about the selected equipment type, these notes do not appear on any other page
Accept Credit Cards for: (tick) Adding value to loyalty accountThis checkbox allows credit cards to be used at the kiosk when checked.
User TimeoutThis field specifies the length of time (in seconds) for when the transaction on the kiosk will time out and return to home screen when there is inactivity
Bill CapacityThis field can be edited as needed, based upon the capacity of the bill validator magazine.
Loyalty cards accepted via

This dropdown field allows operators to select which method users will have an existing loyalty card recognized.

  • If Any method is selected, loyalty cards may either be inserted into the card dispenser reader slot or swiped along the EMV card reader swipe unrestricted.
  • If Card dispenser insert only is selected, users' loyalty cards can only be inserted into the card dispenser reader slot.
  • If Bill acceptor swipe only is selected, users' loyalty cards can only be swiped along the EMV card reader swipe.

Note: This feature is only available for EMV-ready Touch Kiosks. Touch Kiosks that are not EMV-ready with this setting changed will have no effect.

Allow dispense of new card for existing userThis checkbox allows operators to prohibit (unchecked) or allow (checked) users inserting a loyalty card to issue a new card associated with the same account.
Hold user's card during transaction

This checkbox determines if the users loyalty card will be held inside the kiosk during a transaction. 

  • If checked, the card will only be returned to the user after the user presses 'Done'. 
  • If unchecked, the users loyalty card is always immediately returned to the user when inserted.

Available in versions 3.04.21 or later.

Accepted BillsThis field specifies the bills accepted by the bill validator.
Accepted Orientations

This field specifies the facing and direction in which bills are accepted.

  • 4 ways allows bills to be inserted in any orientation.
  • 2 ways allows bills to be inserted face up but the top edge of the bill in either orientation.
  • 1 way will only allow the bill to be inserted face up with the top edge aligned to the left side of the bill validator.

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