This page detail the components that comprise a FasCard Touch Kiosk. For a complete listing of parts see the Parts Manual.

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The cabinet of the Touch Kiosk is constructed of 13 gauge cold rolled steel and powder coated with a durable textured paint.  The interior of the cabinet is accessible from both the front or the rear, the front of the cabinet slide open similar to a drawer to allow easy service and or collection and the rear of the cabinet opens via hinged door for easy collection.  The cabinet may be installed in either a 'Front Load' or a 'Rear Load' configuration see Installation for more details.  Both the front and the rear of the cabinet are secured via threaded lock bolts and protected with a Medco high security lock, replacement keys may only be ordered through an authorized CCI distributor, see Other Information on how to order replacement keys.  Supplied with each kiosk is a lock handle, this handle is used to engage and dis engage the lock bolts

The cabinet has a 1-1/8" diameter access hole in the bottom of the cabinet to allow a power cord to pass into the interior of the cabinet, a slotted grommet is provided to fill the hole once the power cord has been positioned to help prevent un wanted debris from entering the cabinet.  There is also a strain relief clamp provided and attached via 8-32 machine screw adjacent to access hole, this clamp should be secured to the power cord to prevent the cord from accidentally being pulled out of the kiosk. 

The interior of the kiosk houses the drawer mechanism, this drawer hosts all of the electronic components and is designed to slide in and out of the front of the cabinet for easy access and service.  The drawer may be removed by pressing the release levers one either side of the drawer slides and pulling the drawer out.  At the rear of the drawer is a strain relief clamp secured via a 8-32 machine screw, this clamp should be secured to the power cord to prevent the cord from accidentally being pulled out of the power supply module.  Enough slack on the power cord should be provided between the strain relief clamp on the drawer and the rear of the cabinet to allow the drawer to fully open, the cord should 'float' beneath the drawer unit when the drawer if closed.

Beneath the card dispenser on the drawer is an card drop opening, this allows cards to be dropped into the bottom of the cabinet from the card dispenser.  To access the cards the drawer must be pulled open, its important to check the bottom of the cabinet on occasion for loose cards.


Cabinet Dimensions:  20.25” x 13.75” x 20.25” (H x W x D) 
Cabinet Weight:  90 Pounds

Bill Note Validator

Part IDDescriptionImage
Bill Acceptor - Build: TK
MEI AE-2612-U5E 24vdc
Touch Kiosk BNA

The bill note validator accepts and holds paper currency, the standard capacity of the bill note validator is 500 notes.  The (US) bill note validator is capable of accepting currency in any direction and can be configured in one of two security configurations, 'High Security' or 'High Acceptance'.  By default kiosks are shipped in 'High Security' mode, changing this mode requires adjusting the appropriate switch on the side of the unit.  The (US) bill note validator is capable of accepting $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 notes.

EMV Bezel 

Part IDDescriptionImage
EMV Bezel
For Touch Kiosk

This is an optional, purchasable component.

The EMV Bezel accepts credit/debit cards, following EMV credit card compliance standards. The EMV Bezel is capable of accepting credit/debit cards by means of a standard card swipe, an EMV credit card chip insert, and Near Field Communication (NFC) protocols such as Tap-To-Charge major credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The EMV Bezel also serves as an alternative means of reading FasCard Loyalty and User/Administrator cards using the card swipe, if enabled, whether in tandem with a card dispenser insert or exclusively. An optional component, when purchased, can be mounted in place of the default bezel attached to an existing Bill Note Validator.

Card Dispenser / Reader

Part IDDescriptionImage
Replaced by C-5650R1
Dispenser/Reader - Build: TK
MCH-3000D/340 LLS

The card dispenser provides storage of approximately 250 cards and has a removable card stacker for easy loading.  See loading instructions for more information on how to load cards correctly into the card dispenser.  The card dispenser is configured with an integrated card reader allowing it to read the encoded card numbers from dispensed cards as well as cards inserted from the front of the kiosk for revaluing.  The card reader is capable of rejecting cards that it can not read from the card dispenser, these cards are dropped into the bottom of the kiosk.

Computer / LCD Panel

Part IDDescriptionImage
Circuit Board - Build: TK

The computer controls all of the components in the kiosk, it also drives and power the attached LCD touch screen panel.  The computer connects to the FasCard system wirelessly via the WI-FI antenna mounted just above the computer.  The antenna must be securely connected to the mounting connector in order for the kiosk to operate correctly.  The antenna has a swiveling joint that allows it to be adjusted in various positions, be cautious to not position the antenna strait up as the cabinet drawer will not shut and may damage the antenna.  The computer uses a solid state 'hard drive' referred to as a 'CFAST' card and is located on the bottom of the computer board facing the side of the kiosk, the CFAST card may be replaced if needed but should not be ejected unless the kiosk powered down.

The computer has a series of USB ports along the side, the USB ports can be used to upgrade the kiosk software via USB drive if the remote download is not possible.  Never connect any USB devices to the computer that are not provided by or instructed by CCI technical support persons or documentation.  A USB keyboard is provided with the kiosk and can be safely connected to one of the kiosks if instructed to do so by CCI technical support.  Never leave the USB keyboard connected to the computer when the kiosk is in normal operation.

The LCD panel is connected to the computer via three connections, power, USB touch, and LVDS video signal.  The touchscreen should only be touched with blunt objects preferably a finger, take extra care when cleaning the screen and only use slightly moist soft cloths.  Never use cleansers or abrasive materials as they may cause damage to the touchscreen. 

Power Control Board

Part IDDescriptionImage
Power Control Board

The power control board provide appropriate power routing to the bill note acceptor, card dispenser / reader, and the computer.  The control board also hosts a maintenance button that can be used to configure the kiosk if a management card is not available. 

Power Supply

Part IDDescriptionImage
24vDC Pwr Supply - Build: TK

The Touch Kiosk contains a 24vdc power supply to power the electronic components within the assembly.  The power supply receives AC power via power entry module which is mounted adjacent to the power supply.  There is a power switch on the power entry module that controls the AC power flow into the power supply and is referenced as the 'Main Power Switch'.

Pedestal Base

An optional base is available for mounting the kiosk to the floor, the base is comprised of three sections, the base, the spacer, and the printer drawer cabinet.  


Part IDDescriptionImage
Kiosk, Base ADA

The base is the lowest section of the assembly and has 4 (5/8") holes for mounting the base to the floor with 1/2" anchor bolts and nuts.  The top of the base has 4 receiving nuts for securing upper sections with 8-32 machine screws.  The spacer can be mounted on top of the base via 8-32 machine screws and provides 4 receiving nuts for securing upper sections with 8-32 machines screws.  


Part IDDescriptionImage
Kiosk, Base Spacer

The spacer unit can be removed to provide an option to set the Touch Kiosk at an ADA compliant height, with the spacer in place it provides a comfortable height for most users in a standing position.  

Printer Drawer

Part IDDescriptionImage
Printer Cabinet - Build: TK
includes C-5623-DRAWER
for receipt printer

The printer drawer cabinet can be secured to the base directly for ADA compliant applications or to the spacer for standard mounting applications.  The printer drawer mounts to the base assembly via 4 (8-32) machine screws.  The printer drawer hosts an optional printer (printer not available until Q4 2014), the drawer is secured with a service lock.  The paper exit slot is covered with a label to prevent debris from entering the drawer cabinet, this label can be removed when a printer is installed.

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