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Use this guide when configuring Maytag machines in FasCard.


This document assumes the installer is familiar with programming Maytag washers.  This procedure is required to allow the CCI card reader to start the washer in Gen 1 mode.

Control Type: Singlevend (Recommended)

Maytag machines are setup up just like any other singlevend machine with the following exceptions:

Relay TypePulse LengthPulse IntervalUsage
Pulse32250Standard pulse harness (white connector)
MLV+ (Recommended)24150Digital pulse harness (black connector)

Super Cycle

If supporting the Super Cycle option on the machine, use the Extra Option singlevend mode.

Small washers  show the option for 30 approximately seconds. Large chassis washers show the option for approximately 60 seconds.

Machine Configuration

Enable the "Clear Escrow" setting on the machine if available.