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Overview and Equipment Information

This document is intended to guide the user through installation utilizing the kit numbered according to the document title. A list of associated equipment models including control information and additional installation notes can be found below.

Kit Installation Notes

Status: Active

Product: FasCard F1
Manufacturer: Laundrylux
Start Harness: 2-wire Phase 5 connector
Interface Type: Pulse
Install Type: Card Only
Actuation: N/A
Coin Sense: N/A
Mounting: Surface Mount
Chassis: Stack Small Chassis
Readers: 2 Readers
Machine Control: Laundrylux Crossover

This document assumes the installer has working knowledge of hand tools and of the target machine in question. Physical modification of machine may be required, including modification of machine panels and internal modification to accommodate cables or harnesses. It is recommended that the instructions contained herein be performed by individuals who are qualified to perform these tasks. Card Concepts Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this document or for any damage that may occur to target machine.

Required Hardware

Card Reader

Part IDDescriptionImage
F1 FasCard Reader

Installation Kit

QTYPart NumberDescriptionImage
2C-0118Machine Start Harness
3C-5101Spade Taps
1C-5210Power Adapter Harness
2C-5500Power Extension Harness
1C-5501Y Power Adapter Harness
1C-5602Power Converter

Recommended Tools and Supplies (Not Included)

See FasCard Mounting Guide for more information.


Confirm machine power is disconnected before beginning installation!

Use caution and appropriate protection to prevent hand and eye injury during installation!

Step 1 - Install Mounting Brackets


  1. Install bracket provided with card ready machine.
    1. Pass cables through slot and connect before mounting reader using hardware provided.

Step 2 - Connect Power

Spade Taps
Power Adapter Harness
Power Extension Harness
Y Power Adapter Harness
Power Converter

  1. Tap power as described in the Fascard Reader Install - Universal Concepts document using the C-5101 Spade Taps provided.
  2. Connect the C-5210 Power Adapter Harness to the installed spade taps. Connect the opposite end to the C-5602 Power Converter.
  3. Connect one C-5500 Power Extension Harness to the C-5501 Y Power Adapter Harness.
    1. Connect the opposite end to the C-5602 Power Converter.
  4. Connect one C-5500 Power Extension Harnesses to the remaining connector on the C-5501 Y Power Adapter Harness.
    1. The remaining connector of the C-5501 Y Power Adapter Harness and of the C-5500 Power Extension Harness connect to the installed FasCard Readers.

Step 3 - Connect Machine Start Harness

Machine Start Harness

  1. Connect the C-0118 Machine Start Harnesses to the Machine Control Assemblies.

Step 4 - Connect and Mount FasCard Reader

Machine Start Harness
Power Extension Harness
Y Power Adapter Harness

  1. Feed remaining harness ends through mounting bracket slot.
  2. Connect the free end of the C-0118 Machine Start Harness to port 2 (Pulse Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  3. Connect the C-5500 Power Extension Harness or C-5501 Y Power Adapter Harness to port 4 (C-5500 Power Harness Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  4. Connect FasCard reader to base as described in the FasCard Mounting Guide.
  5. Program the card reader address as described here: How to Program Address on a FasCard Reader.

Associated Equipment Models

MakeModelPulse LengthSensorControlNotes
WascomatDAWS2EDC40FalseSingle-Vend (Pulse)
WascomatDAWS2EM40FalseSingle-Vend (Pulse)