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This page is intended to guide the user through the process of addressing FasCard F1, F2, and F3 readers.

For assistance in determining the generation of the reader to be addressed, refer to Determining CCI System and Version Information.

F1 Reader Addressing Instructions 

Access 'Set Address' Mode with Power Up Method

FasCard readers can be addressed during their initial start up routine.

  1. Connect power to FasCard reader
  2. Immediately after the card reader version appears, press and hold all three buttons for a moment.
  3. Manager menu appears
  4. Navigate to Maintenance menu and press - key

Access 'Set Address' Mode with Machine Admin Card

FasCard readers can be addressed anytime with a FasCard with the appropriate privileges asigned.

  1. Swipe FasCard with Machine Admin privleges
  2. Menu Appears
  3. Using arrows on keypad highlight 'Maintenance Menu' and press the - key

Setting Address

  1. The 'Change Machine#' option should be highlighted, press the - key
  2. Set Machine Number appears with 3 digits appearing the first one blinking
  3. Use the up and down arrows to change the flashing digit to the desired value
  4. Use the - key to confirm selection and move to the next digit
  5. Once all three digits have the desired values, the newly set number will be displayed and 'Confirm' will be flashing
    1. Press - to confirm
    2. Press any other key to display 'Retry', press - to re-enter address

F2 & F3 Reader Addressing Instructions 

Access the 'Set Address Mode' using one of the two methods presented below.

The F2 & F3 FasCard reader maintenance menu can be accessed in the following ways:

Method 1

  1. Swipe a Manager's card or any card with System Maintenance privileges.
  2. Touch the "Maintenance Menu" button on the touchscreen.
  3. Touch "Change Machine #" on the touchscreen.

Method 2

  1. Reboot the card reader- after the FasCard logo disappears and the pricing information is shown, press and hold anywhere on the touchscreen.
  2. Touch the "Maintenance Menu" button on the touchscreen.
  3. Touch "Change Machine #" on the touchscreen.

The following screen will appear:

  • Digits will change from left to right as a number is touched.
  • Press the back arrow to move from right to left for error correction.
  • Press "Save" once all three digits are entered.

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