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The FasCard Touch Kiosk allows the option for store owners and management personnel to require customers to register to purchase a new Loyalty Card, based on the preferences set. This guide provides a general step-by-step process for enabling this feature.


By default, the Touch Kiosk registration screen displays when an existing customer inserts their Loyalty Card and select the option to register their information. Using the FasCard Admin Site with the minimum required enabled permissions, you can set User Registration to display the moment a customer attempts to purchase a card.


In order to enable this functionality, the following is needed:

  • FasCard Admin Site user access with Equipment Setup privilege enabled.
  • A Touch Kiosk updated to Firmware v3.10.10+ at minimum.

Firmware Updates

If your Touch Kiosk Firmware is not up-to-date, please contact CCI Technical Support at (866) 860-1660 or by email at support@laundrycard.com


  1. Log in to the FasCard Admin Site at https://admin.fascard.com.

  2. Click the Setup tab, followed by  the Equipment Types sub-tab.

  3. Click on the the Touch Kiosk equipment you had previously created. Note: Equipment Name may differ from Control Type, if a custom 'Name' for the equipment was given.

  4. In the Registration section, click on the Require registration to obtain card checkbox to check-enable the function.
    1. You can also customize which Registration Fields display by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes to enable or disable the Registration Field from viewing.

  5. Click Save.

Touch Kiosk Confirmation

Once you have saved the information based on the steps provided in Instructions, now, when tapping the Get New Card button on the Home screen of a Touch Kiosk, the User Registration page will display first. Users will have to, then, complete all required Registration Fields selected before advancing to the New Card screen.

Touch Kiosk Equipment Configuration

Fascard Touch Kiosk User Guide