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This page outlines the FasCard installation process in broad strokes and provides links to additional information for each stage of the process.

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Installation Process

Step 1 - Configure Account

This can be done before, after, or during physical hardware installation. Additional information can be found on the FasCard System Configuration Procedure page.

Step 2 - Connect Satellite Access Point

Satellite Access Point (SAP)
Satellite (SAP) Enclosure
Satellite POE Adapter

This device provides all connectivity between the FasCard servers and the onsite hardware. Additional information can be found on the FasCard System Installation (with POE) page.

Step 3 - Install FasCard Readers

F1 FasCard Reader

The FasCard readers are the primary point of customer interaction with the FasCard system. Installation for individual kits can be found on the Kit Installation Guides page.

Step 4 - Install Kiosks

Touch Kiosk

FasCard Kiosks provide an additional measure of automation, allowing customers to easily add funds or purchase new Loyalty cards. Additional information on kiosks and installation can be found on the FasCard Kiosks Overview page.

Step 5 - Getting Started with the Loyalty Site

The FasCard Loyalty site allows customers greater flexibility and utility when managing their Loyalty accounts. Additional information can be found in the FasCard Loyalty Site guide.

Additional Information