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The Quick Start page allows the user to start machines at a chosen location without using a Loyalty card, provided the user has sufficient balance associated with their account.  

On this Page


Clicking any of the icons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page will redirect the user to another page within the Loyalty site.


See the chart below for a description of each button and its functionality.

ButtonsFunctionPage Image

  • This icon will navigate to the Active Machines page, allowing the user to check the status of any machines started using their Loyalty account.


  • This icon will activate the mobile phone camera to scan the QR code and display the Loyalty Customers account on the reader or kiosk.

  • This icon will navigate to the Settings page, allowing users to make a variety of changes to their Loyalty account.

Quick Start Functionality

The Quick Start page allows Loyalty users to start a machine using their smartphone instead of a Loyalty card.
Quick Start Tab
Start a Machines
  1. Open the FasCard Mobile App and log in.
  2. Press the Quick Start tab.
  3. Select the appropriate location from the list.  NOTE:  If there are no locations listed, you must add a location first before using this functionality.
  4. Select the Machine Icon.
  5. Select the desired machine.
  6. Select the specific machine desired listed within the group.
  7. Press Start.

Using Quick Start Functionality to Access Loyalty Account

A Loyalty Account User can access their account and add value, access coupons etc. without their card by using the QR (Quick Response) code on all of the Kiosks and Readers.  Follow the below steps below to access a Loyalty Account.  All steps are the same for the Kiosks and the Readers.

The Mobile App Must Be Open On Your Phone

When accessing a Loyalty Account using your mobile phone and the QR code, the FasCard Mobile App must already be open and the user must be logged in so the QR code can be scanned.
Kiosks and Readers
  1. To gain access to a Loyalty Account without the Loyalty Card, open the FasCard Mobile app and log in.
  2. Press the Quick Start button.
  3. Once the camera is activated on the phone, hold the phone close to the reader or kiosk so it can read the matrix.
  4. Once the QR matrix is read, the Loyalty Account will appear on the reader or kiosk.  Continue to access the account through the reader or kiosk at this point.