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The Machines page displays status information for configured machines at a specific location. It also allows users to start machines using their smartphone.

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Machine Status and Functionality

The Machine page shows configured equipment types at the appropriate location, grouped by using the buttons (Available/All and Washers/Dryers) near the top of the page.  Selecting an equipment type will display individual machines, color coded to indicate machine status.

The top of the page displays the same balance and machine availability that is displayed on the Location Details page.

Machine Status Indicators

Machine status is indicated by color, as described in the table below.

  • A blue machine outline indicates that the machine is idle and ready to be used.
  • A green machine outline indicates that the machine is currently running.
  • An icon in the upper right corner of the machine displays the cycle time remaining.
  • A yellow machine outline indicates that the machine will be completing a cycle soon.
  • A red machine outline indicates that the machine is unavailable or the card reader is offline.

Starting Machines Using a Smartphone

The FasCard Loyalty site can be used to start machines or add value to a user account without using a Loyalty card.  To view a step by step guide to starting a machine with a smartphone, click the expanding header below this box titled 'Starting Machines Using a Smartphone - Step by Step'.

Starting Machines Using a Smartphone - Step by Step
  1. Navigate to the Machines page (refer to the Location Details page if necessary).
  2. Select desired equipment type by clicking on it.

  1. Once the equipment type is selected, individual machines will be displayed.
  2. The Available/All buttons can be used to select the desired display method.
  3. Clicking the  will return the user to the previous page.
  4. Select the desired machine by clicking it- machines may be displayed by number or label depending upon configuration.
  1. Once a machine is selected, the individual page for that machine will display the minimum start price.
  2. If the system is configured to allow credit cards to be used to add value, the user can click the Add Value button to navigate to the Add Value page.
  3. To start the machine, click Start.
  1. The Loyalty menu will open on the associated FasCard reader and display 'Start Machine: $x.xx' option.
  2. Press Enter on card reader.
  3. Press OK on Loyalty site start message.


Clicking any of the icons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page will redirect the user to another page within the Loyalty site.

  • This icon will navigate to the Active Machines page, allowing the user to check the status of any machines started using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Quick Start page, allowing the user to activate a machine using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Settings page, allowing users to make a variety of changes to their Loyalty account.