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The Coupons page displays a history of all coupons applied to the Loyalty account and permits new coupons to be added. Coupons are configured on the FasCard Admin site on the FasCard Admin Site - Coupons page.

On this Page

My Coupons

My Coupons displays a history of all promotional coupons applied to the user account within the context of a single FasCard account.  Loyalty users may also use My Coupons to apply new promotional coupons to their account or use a coupon to add a new location to their Loyalty account (as described in My Locations).

The top of the page displays the same balance and machine availability that is displayed on the Location Details page.

Applying a Coupon

  • Coupons can be used to convey a variety of benefits to the Loyalty user. For more information, see 'Coupon Types', below.
  • Adding a coupon from a new location will add that location to My Locations.
  1. To apply a new coupon, navigate to the My Coupons page and click Apply Coupon.  
  2. Enter a valid coupon code (or scan an appropriate datamatrix, FasCard Mobile App only).
  3. Click Submit.
  4. A popup window will display the type of benefit awarded.  Click OK to continue.

Coupon Types

A variety of coupon types can be configured utilizing the FasCard Admin site, under the FasCard Admin Site - Coupons section.  All coupon types and their benefits are outlined in the table below.

Each coupon type has an individual popup message indicating the benefit that has been applied to the Loyalty account.

Coupon TypeDescription of Benefit

This coupon type awards a flat, one time bonus to the user similar to store credit.

  • This coupon may also have a spending requirement that may need to be met to receive the coupon. 
    • If the Loyalty User has not met the spending requirement, they will receive a message stating $x.xx bonus will be added to your account after you have spent $y.yy".  
    • If they have met the spending requirement, the message they receive will be $x.xx bonus has been added to your account". 
  • How to create this coupon type can be found here.
Free DryThis coupon type awards a one time allotment of additional free dry credits to the user.
Group AssignmentThis coupon type assigns the user to a specific Loyalty Group, which may convey additional benefits.
Join Loyalty ProgramThis coupon code associates the Loyalty user with the FasCard account.
Loyalty PointsThis coupon type awards a one time allotment of additional Loyalty Points to the user (requires active Loyalty Points promotion as described in FasCard Admin Site - Loyalty Settings).
Scheduled DiscountThis coupon type conveys an ongoing discount within a scheduled date range.


Clicking any of the icons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page will redirect the user to another page within the Loyalty site.

  • This icon will navigate to the Active Machines page, allowing the user to check the status of any machines started using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Quick Start page, allowing the user to activate a machine using their Loyalty account.

  • This icon will navigate to the Settings page, allowing users to make a variety of changes to their Loyalty account.