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The FasCard Loyalty site allows Loyalty customers of FasCard stores to create and manage a user account that provides the benefits of a Loyalty card as well as a number of additional features.  The Loyalty site is accessible from Android and IOS devices using Chrome or Safari web browsers.  

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FasCard Loyalty Site: Getting Started

Example FasCard Loyalty URL

 FasCard system owners may (but not required to) register a unique DNS name (e.g. with a DNS service provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Network Solutions).  This friendly, easy to remember URL can then be used to redirect the laundry customer to Sign In page to access or register an account.

In order for a Loyalty customer to create an account within a FasCard store account, they must have a valid email address and the URL specific to the FasCard system in which they will create an account.  Alternatively, Loyalty customers may create a Loyalty Account using the generic link and add a store location by adding a coupon code.  Once the user has created an account within a specific FasCard account, they can access their account via the specific URL or the generic URL:  FasCard users with Admin privileges may obtain their account specific URL directly from the FasCard Admin site by navigating to the Accounts page under the Loyalty tab.  If the Loyalty URL is not present on the Accounts page, a 'Join Loyalty Program' coupon must first be added on the Coupons page.   

Range of Features

The FasCard Loyalty site offers users a range of convenient features.  Users can view and manage account balance, start machines directly from their smartphone, check on active machines, utilize store promotions, and more.  The full range of Loyalty site features as well as usage instructions are discussed in deeper detail in the pages linked below.

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