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This page is intended to guide users through the Employee specific functions of the FasCard Loyalty app.

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Employee Functions

The FasCard Loyalty app allows store employees to view all locations to which they have access, upcoming work schedules and assigned tasks (when configured).  It also restricts employee machine starts to employees that are currently "clocked in".  


Employee profiles that have administrative access will, by default, see all location groups as well as each site under each group.

Employee settings in FasCard Admin site:

Logged into FasCard Website as employee, the system will display all of the sites listed under all of the Location Groups.  Employee accounts do not show any map data as retail accounts do.  For employees with 'System Maintenance' privilege's, the satellite status will be visible from the location listing. 

If only one Location Group is selected, then ONLY the sites under that Location Group will be seen by the employee.

Employee Work Schedule 

Employees must have a valid User account and be configured as 'Schedulable' (FasCard Admin Site - Work Schedule) to view scheduled shifts.

Employees may view scheduled shifts (configured on the FasCard Admin Site - Work Schedule) when logged into the FasCard Loyalty app by selecting the 'Schedule' option.  The schedule scrolls vertically when swiped to show future shifts.


Employee Scheduled Tasks 

  • Employees must have a valid User account to view scheduled tasks. Scheduled tasks are only visible during the time frame in which they are scheduled to occur.
  • Tasks mistakenly marked as completed may be unmarked by tapping the green completion checkmark adjacent to the task.

Employees may view tasks to be completed as well as recently completed tasks.  Employees may also mark tasks as complete through the 'My Tasks' menu by tapping the green checkmark.  Overall task status may be viewed on the FasCard Admin site using the Scheduled Tasks Report.


  • Only employee's with 'System Maintenance' privilege's will see the Satellites icon.

Employees may view the status of the satellites at a given location by selecting the Satellite icon from the main location screen.  Cell(s) displayed will contain:

  • Name of Satellite
  • How long the satellite has been in the primary status
  • Status of the backup cellular connection (if enabled)
  • The number of readers connected to the satellite
    • Also graphically represented by bar chart
  • The channel the satellite is currently operating on

Additional Information