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This document is intended to guide a user through installing a new card dispenser on a FasCard kiosk.
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Dispenser/Reader - Build: TK

Tools (Not Included)

8" Phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Shut Down

  1. Slide open the front of the kiosk.
  2. Press the black maintenance button on the power control board.
  3. Press the Maintenance Menu button.
  4. Select Shutdown/Reboot.  
  5. Select Shutdown Computer.
  6. After the computer has shut down, power off the kiosk using the supply switch.
  7. Remove both the USB and data cables from the dispenser. DO NOT pull on the wires as this may cause them to separate from the connection head.

Step 2: Dissassembly

  1. Take all laundry cards out of the dispenser.
  2. Remove the money box from the bill acceptor. Instructions for removing it are located on the MEI label of the box.
  3. Press the yellow tab forward and lift the money magazine up and away from the bill acceptor.
  4. Remove two screws on the wire loom and gently pull the loom away from the dispenser.
  5. Remove the six screws securing the dispenser. One of them (towards the front of the kiosk) is located in a tight spot, and will be difficult to access. 
  6. Removal requires the screwdriver to be angled. 
    1. NOTE:  These two screws towards the front of the kiosk will not be used for the new dispenser.  Only 4 screws will be used to secure the new dispenser in place.  See Step 3 below for instruction.
  7. Slide the dispenser back from the door about 3/4" and lift it out. Do NOT lift by the card hopper or gear/pulley assembly.
  8. Remove the hopper from the original dispenser by pressing the lever to unlatch and pulling it back slightly. 

Step 3: Reassembly

  1. The new dispenser has 4 newly drilled round holes (2 on each side) to accommodate aligning it with the card slot in the kiosk.
  2. Insert the new dispenser and slide back to align the 4 round drilled holes with the holes in the cabinet.
  3. Align it with card exit slot on the kiosk. Take great care not to drop the unit in place as it is VERY fragile.
  4. Secure the dispenser using the 4 screws inserting them into the 4 round holes, but do not tighten them completely until the dispenser is positioned correctly.
  5. Plug in the two cables, USB and Wire Harness, before turning the power back on.
  6. Reattach the two screws on the wire loom.
  7. Reattach the card hopper to the dispenser by sliding it towards the front of the kiosk, pressing the lever to allow it to settle into place, and then releasing the lever to lock it into place.
  8. Power on the Kiosk again.
  9. Once at the main FasCard screen, test dispense several cards to ensure that it is operating correctly.   


The following screen usually indicates a loose or broken connection. 

  1. Remove both the data and USB cables, then reconnect the data cable first.
  2. Wait ten seconds before plugging the USB cable back in.
  3. The kiosk should return to the main screen. If not, check all cables and reboot the computer.


  1. Unknown User (chandlerl)

    Can you please add some more troubleshooting for the dispenser to this page? For example, when cards keep getting rejected to the tray underneath. Also, how to open the card reader portion towards the front to check for debris.

  2. A separate guide will be created


  3. Unknown User (chandlerl)

    Touch up complete. Please move this page to FasCard Documentation Merchant Documentation, Reference, and Records