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The System Maintenance page is only accessible by users with Admin privileges or with System Maintenance privileges.  This page is used to monitor the status of the Satellite Access Point and FasCard readers at a specific location.

On this Page

Managing the System 


Navigating to the System Maintenance page under the System tab will display an alphabetical list of the locations that have been configured for the system.  The default view will list up to 6 locations.  Once there are more than 6 location types, page numbers will appear, allowing the user to scroll through the machine list.  A search box is provided to allow users to easily search for a specific location and clicking Reset will clear any search data.  Clicking anywhere on a location will display the list of satellites and card readers for that location.  

When the filter box is checked, the 'Show Only Offline Devices Across ALL Locations' option will filter satellite and card reader status displays and show only devices that are offline.

Managing Location Status


The Location Status Section displays the active status of a particular location.  Several items in the Location Listing also function as links to other pages.  Below are the columns of the page and their descriptions. 

Column HeadersDescription

Clicking the location name will load the selected location setup page.

AddressAddress of the location
PhonePhone number of the location
Time Zone Time zone of the location
Location GroupClicking the group name will load the location group setup page (if enabled).
StatusIndicates the status of the location.
Machines Clicking the number in the Machines column will load the machine setup page for the selected location

Managing Satellite Status


The satellite status section contains a list of configured satellites for the selected location.  Clicking in the empty space between the satellite name and it's status will open the below section, Satellite History page.  

  • Operators utilizing CCI Cellular Service may note an icon adjacent to the satellite name on the System Maintenance page.  Clicking this icon will reveal the uplink name and status.

Column HeadersDescription
Satellite - The given name for the satellite as configured in the location setup page.  This also serves as a link to the location setup page and selects the appropriate satellite.
Status- Current status of the satellite, generated by the server.
MAC Address - the MAC address for the satellite access point.
VPN Address - The VPN IP address for the satellite access point.
Public Address - The pubic IP address for the satellite access point.
Satware Ver The satellite software version currently running.
OS/MachineHardware and software version of the satellite access point.
ReadersThis column displays the number of readers connected to the satellite as well as the total number of readers (e.g. 10/50).
CPU MEMCurrent CPU and memory usage of the satellite access point.

Satellite History

Satellite history page logs the following information when a change is detected.

  • Satellite history can be displayed by clicking on the row of any listed satellite.
  • Satellites can be rebooted by viewing their history and clicking Reboot FasSat.
Column HeadersDescription


A standard date/time stamp of the record entry
Status Online/Offline.  Offline status indicates that the satellite has lost connection to the server.

VPN Address

This is the assigned internal VPN address and is used by CCI Support staff.
Public Address This is the external IP address assigned to the satellite and is used by CCI Support staff
Uplink StatusIndicates last known status of Ethernet/LAN connection.
Satware VersionThis indicates the satellite access point firmware version
Hardware ResetIndicates the last time the hardware was reset
VPN ReconnectIndicates the last time the VPN connection was established

Managing Machine Status


The machine status section displays a list of all the machines that were configured for the selected location as well as details regarding the current status of the FasCard reader.

  • Machine history can be displayed by clicking on the row of any listed machine.
  • Card readers can be rebooted by viewing the Machine history and clicking Reboot Reader.
Column HeadersDescription
Machine #

The machine number that was assigned during machine setup.  These numbers also serve as links to the Machines page and will automatically select the relevant machine.

Equipment Type

The equipment type for the configured machine.  These also serve as links to the Equipment Setup page and will automatically select the relevant equipment type.

The current status as reported by the satellite access point.  If the machine status is currently unknown due to satellite outage, status will be displayed as "Last Known: 'Status' (Date/Time).  

  • Idle - Machine not running.
  • Running - Machine started/running.
  • Offline - Machine status unknown- FasCard reader not communicating with system.
  • No Pricing - Indicates that vend prices have yet to be configured for this machine.  This can be changed in the Pricing Features page.
  • Not Allowed - Indicates that the machine is not configured to start.  This status can be changed in the Pricing Features page.
  • No Firmware - Indicates that the configured firmware version is unavailable.
  • Downloading Firmware to Satellite - Indicates that the download process has started and the satellite is downloading firmware from the server.
  • Downloading Firmware - Indicates that the satellite has successfully obtained firmware from server and card reader has begun downloading from satellite.
  • Machine Error Message- Serially connected machines utilizing the latest firmware may display any error that is reported by the machine firmware.

Last Start

The time this machine was last started.
Estimated FinishThis is the estimated end time of a current cycle.
Wifi Strength

Two numeric values, first value represents the signal strength from the Satellite to the FasCard reader, second value represents the signal strength from the FasCard reader to the Satellite.

  • Values closer to zero represents a 'Stronger' signal.  Optimal signal strength should be between -10 & -70.
Sat Name

The satellite for which the card reader is connected to.

  • Locations with multiple satellites may see readers connected to any currently configured satellite.
Connect Time

The date and time the FasCard reader last made an initial connection to the Satellite.

  • The number in parenthesis is the number of time the FasCard reader has disconnected and reconnected since the satellite was restarted.
MAC AddressThe MAC Address of the FasCard reader.
Firmware VerThe current firmware version installed on the FasCard reader.
Hardware Ver

This indicates the current CCI hardware type being utilized.

Machine Status History

Machine history logs the following information when a change is detected.

  • Machine Status History may be accessed by clicking on any machine row on the main System Maintenance page.
Column HeadersDescription
NoThis indicates the record number of occurrence, with #1 being the most recent.
StatusThis indicates the current or last known machine status.
Start TimeThis indicates the time at which the current machine status began.
Elapsed TimeThis indicates the amount of time the machine has been in the current state.
Sat NameThis indicates the satellite access point to which the card reader is connected.

Firmware Ver

This indicates the current firmware version on the card reader at the time the record was created.

Additional Information

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