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This page is intended to guide the user through proper utilization of the Scheduled Tasks feature of the FasCard Admin site.

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Managing Scheduled Tasks

The Scheduled Tasks page is located under the Operations tab on the FasCard Admin site and is accessible to users with Admin or Scheduled Tasks permissions.  This page can be used to create, edit, and monitor one-time and ongoing employee tasks.  The "Location" selection dropdown menu allows the user to select the location at which tasks will be created and monitored.  The "Time Zone" dropdown menu allows the user to create tasks in the timezone in which the location resides and view tasks in a different timezone when traveling.  

Creating Tasks

Multiple individual tasks may be entered in the same calendar entry. Enter each individual task on a new line within the editable field. Tasks entered in this way will appear as a single calendar entry on the Admin site and as individual tasks in the Loyalty App.

Tasks may be created by double-clicking on an individual calendar date.  The chosen date should be the start date for the intended task.  This will create a popup window, as illustrated below.

To configure an individual task, add the task description, select a start and end time, and choose a recurrence rule.  For individual tasks, leave recurrence set to "Never" and click save.  This will add the task to the chosen date or date range on the calendar.  

To configure a recurring task, add the task description, select a start and end time, and choose a recurrence rule.  Tasks may be scheduled to recur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  Finally, an end date for the recurring task must be scheduled using the "On (scheduled date)" radio button.  The 'Never' and 'After X Occurrences' buttons are not valid options.

Editing Tasks

Tasks may not be edited after the scheduled date has elapsed.

Tasks may be edited by double-clicking on any existing task listed in the calendar.  In the case of a recurring task, this will created a popup window, as illustrated below.


When editing a recurring task, a selection must be made in the popup window to indicate if the entire series of recurring tasks will be edited or if a single task in the series will be edited.  Selecting "edit the series" will bring up the recurring task creation window.  Selecting "edit current occurrence" will bring up the simpler, single-occurrence window, as shown below.

When editing is complete, click "Save" to add or modify an item on the calendar, or cancel to prevent any changes.

Deleting Tasks

Tasks may not be deleted after the scheduled date has elapsed.

Tasks may be deleted by clicking the "X" that is revealed on each calendar item as the mouse-pointer hovers over it.  

Once clicked, a popup window will be created.  For single-occurrence items, this window will ask for confirmation or cancellation regarding the chosen deletion.  Recurring items will create a popup that requires verification regarding the deletion of either the current occurrence or the entire series.

Clicking "Delete current occurrence" or "Delete the series" will immediately delete the chosen task(s). No second confirmation will occur. To cancel this operation, click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the "Delete Recurring Item" popup.

Viewing Scheduled Tasks

The default view for Scheduled Tasks is the "Month" format, which presents a standard monthly calendar (below).  

Additional formats

To view additional calendar layouts, click 'Additional Formats' below.

Additional Formats

The "Day" format shows the selected date, hour to hour.

The "Week" format shows the chosen date range as a series of hour to hour events by date.

The "Agenda" format shows upcoming tasks, omitting hours and dates wherein no specific tasks have been created.

The "Timeline" format shows tasks in a side-scrolling for the chosen date.

Viewing Scheduled Tasks on the FasCard Mobile App

Tasks are only visible in the FasCard Mobile app during the scheduled duration of the task.

Employees may use the FasCard Mobile app to view assigned tasks.  Details regarding the attendant functions of the FasCard Mobile app may be found here: FasCard Loyalty App - Employee Features.

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