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The Loyalty Settings page is only accessible by users with Admin or Loyalty Settings privileges.  The Loyalty Settings page allows users to configure Add Value packages, bonus redemption rates, free dry credit timeout, Loyalty Points programs, and more.

On this Page

Managing Loyalty Settings

Navigating to the Loyalty Settings page under the Loyalty tab will display two main sections and several subsections.  The main sections are General Settings and Location settings which are described in depth below including subsection details.

General Settings

All settings located within the General Settings section are not location specific and will affect all locations within a specific Fascard Account.

Add Value Packages

  • Loyalty users will be able to see and select the first 5 Add Value Packages (highlighted in yellow) designated in the bonus list from any FasCard reader. Loyalty users can see all configured packages when utilizing the Loyalty site at
  • For detailed instructions on adding, editing, or deleting an Add Value package, click the expanding header below this box titled 'Add Value Packages - Step by Step'.
Add Value Packages - Step by Step

Create an Add Value Package

If a user adds a value that is not listed as an Add Value Package but that value is greater than one of the defined packages listed the user will receive a bonus equal to the bonus percentage rate of the highest defined value. For example, if the last defined package is $20 Value for $2 bonus (10% Bonus) if the user adds $100 to the account a $10 (10%) bonus will be added to the account.
  1. Click Add
  2. Enter a value (The amount the user must purchase in order to receive the bonus amount)
  3. Enter a bonus if desired. (The amount the user will have added as bonus if appropriate value is added)
  4. Click Save

Edit an Add Value Package

  1. Click the Add Value Package to be edited
  2. Edit the Value or Bonus fields
  3. Click Save button

Delete an Add Value Package

  1. Click the Add Value Package to be deleted
  2. Click the Delete button
  3. Click OK when prompted to confirm deletion or click Cancel.

Add Value Packages allow users to configure purchase packages that are available to Loyalty Account users. Loyalty users can access these purchase packages via any FasCard reader/kiosk or utilizing the FasCard Loyalty Site.  Add Value Packages are also available when value is added via the FasCard Admin Site - Loyalty Accounts page.  Add Value packages are often used in conjunction with bonus awards for adding a certain amount of value at a given time.  Add Value packages may also be added to an account in an attended store via the Loyalty Account page.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points Example

  • Loyalty users will see messages on the FasCard reader displays when they earn points and when they receive bonuses. Only customers who start machine using their Loyalty account will earn or receive bonuses.
  • Loyalty users will be able to see points earned and the points remaining until bonus reward on each FasCard reader or via the mobile Loyalty site:

The Loyalty Points program allow users to configure a point based promotion wherein Loyalty users can earn points by starting machines. Once the customer reaches a preset point goal, the points are converted into bonus value that can be used towards starting other machines for free or at a discount.  To create a Loyalty Points program, select Program Active, enter a value in the User Must Spend $ field and the To Receive $ field and click Save.  Points goals are calculated automatically.  To disable a Loyalty Points program at any time, select the Program Disabled option and click Save.

Mobile App Loyalty Starts and Coupon Usage Protection

  • Allow Cardless Start -This option allows Loyalty Users to start a machine without swiping a card on the card reader.  The user uses the loyalty site to initiate a 'virtual card swipe' on a desired reader.  Select or deselect the option as desired and click Save to preserve changes.  This option is enabled by default
  • Enable tests for unique users - This option can be selected to limit repeat coupon usage from retail customers.  Select this option if you want a retail user to only use a coupon ONCE.  When checked, this option will detect if a user is trying to use the same coupon more than once by creating an additional Loyalty account and will create a 'fraud alert' message which will display to the user.
  • Allow Machine Available notifications - This option determines if app users can request end of cycle notifications

Location Settings 

Location settings apply to all locations within the Location Group (if enabled) chosen from the appropriate dropdown menu.  If Location Groups are not being utilized, accounts with multiple locations will display a similar dropdown menu used to select the location to be configured.  If an account only has a single location, it will be automatically selected in this section.

Bonus Redemption Rate

Bonus Redemption Rate Example

The percentage value configured here determines the rate in which a Loyalty users account will 'spend' any bonus money that has been earned.  If the Bonus Redemption Rate is set to 100%, Loyalty users will use 100% of their Bonus value before using Account Balance.  If the rate is set to 50%, then 50% of the vend cost will be paid for with bonus value and the remaining cost of the machine is taken from the Account Balance.  If the user does not have enough Account Balance to start a machine but has sufficient Bonus balance, the rule is waived and the machine will start.

Free Dry

Clear Free Dry Credit Example

Free Dry credits may take up to an additional 4 hours beyond the scheduled time to clear.

This feature allows Free Dry credits to be cleared after a Loyalty Account has been inactive for a chosen period.  Typically, this feature is used to enforce use of Free Dry credits on the same day the credit is earned. Further information on Free Dry credit award and redemption can be found on the FasCard Admin Site - Pricing & Features Schedule page.