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The Coupons page is only accessible to users with the Admin or Loyalty Settings privileges. This page allows the user to create and manage coupons. Customers can then apply coupons to their FasCard Admin Site - Loyalty Accounts using the Loyalty Site.

Search Function and List Navigation
  • This page allows users to search for any portion of the coupon name or type- clicking Reset clears the search data.
  • This page uses a standard list format that can be sorted by clicking any column header.
On this Page

Loyalty Coupon Program

Coupons may only be added to a customer account through the Loyalty Site. Using the specific Loyalty URL assigned to the store account is recommended. More information on locating and using the Loyalty URL can be found on the FasCard Admin Site - Loyalty Accounts page.

The FasCard system includes several different coupon options that can be used in conjunction with the Loyalty Site to provide an extra incentive to customers.  There are several different types of coupons available, and all coupons can be managed by logging into the Admin site - navigate to the Loyalty tab and select Coupons from the available options.  All coupons display the direct URL link to the FasCard Mobile site that may be used to activate the promotion.  

Coupon Listing

This is an alphabetical listing of all configured coupons.  Clicking anywhere on the row of a listed coupon will select that coupon for editing.  A search box is provided to allow the user to easily search for a specific coupon if several coupons are already being utilized, or they browsed by clicking the page number links in the lower right corner.  The Reset button will clear any search criteria from the search box and display all coupons.  The Add New button allows the user to configure a new coupon.

Create a Coupon

To view a step by step guide to creating a new coupon, click the expanding header below this box titled 'Create a Coupon - Step by Step'.

Create a Coupon - Step by Step
  1. Navigate to the Coupons page under the Loyalty tab.
  2. Click Add New.

  1. Enter a coupon name.
  2. Enter a start and end date for the promotion.
  3. Apply Coupon to new loyalty accounts: Selecting this box automatically applies the coupon to all new loyalty accounts during the specified date range. 
  4. Allowed only for new customers:
  5. Selecting this box makes this coupon available to ONLY new customers.  “New” applies to all accounts created within 24 hours.  It also specifically prevents existing Loyalty customers from using this coupon.. 
  6. Selecting this box will allow new customers to manually apply a coupon code (Obtained from the Owner) to their account either through the online FasCard Loyalty site or through the Mobile App.
  7. Immediately Apply To: Selecting this option will immediately apply the coupon to a designated group, or for example, All Users. Choosing to apply to all users means the coupon will be available to all existing accounts.
  1. Select a coupon type.
    • Bonus - number of bonus dollars.  
      1. This coupon type can have a required spending amount met before the coupon is applied.
      2. First enter the amount of the bonus you wish to give, then enter the amount the Loyalty Customer needs to spend to receive the bonus, for example, the bonus can be $10 after they spend $50. 
      3. If you want to give the bonus with no spending requirement, enter "0" as the dollar amount in the "After Spending" field.
    • Free Dry - number of free dry credits.
    • Loyalty Points - number of points.
    • Scheduled Discount - percentage of discount (do not use % sign).
    • Group Assignment - assigns user to a configured Loyalty Group.
    • Join Loyalty Program When redeemed this assigns the user to the FasCard account
      1. In Laundromat configurations, all locations configured for the account will be visible to the user via the mobile app. (adds no other value to the user account).
      2. In Multi-housing configurations, an additional drop down menu is available allowing the coupon to be associated with the selected location.  The a specific location is associated, the user will only see that location from the mobile app. 

        Environment Type, Route or Multi-housing must be selected on the Server Management Page before those locations will be available.  This can ONLY be done by CCI Internal Staff.

  2. Click Save.
  3. A Coupon Added message will be displayed below the navigation bar.

Edit a Coupon

To edit a coupon, navigate to the Coupons page under the Loyalty tab.  Search for the coupon or select it from the coupon list.  Once selected, only the Name, Start, and End fields can be modified-  click Save to preserve any changes, or Cancel to prevent changes.  Selecting a coupon will also display its datamatrix (QR Code) which may be scanned using the FasCard Mobile App.

 Delete a Coupon

Deleting a Coupon

To delete a coupon, navigate to the Coupons page under the Loyalty tab.  Search for the coupon or select it from the coupon list.  Once selected, click Delete.  A popup will ask for confirmation- click OK to confirm deletion, or Cancel.

Utilizing the Coupon Datamatrix

Each coupon code will also include a datamatrix, as shown below.  This datamatrix may be printed for promotional purposes.  The datamatrix may then be scanned by customers utilizing the FasCard Mobile App coupons page.

Additional Information