This page provides basic operational information regarding the FasCard wireless card reader and serves as a landing page for related documentation.

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General Information

The FasCard reader is a Wifi enabled device that connects equipment to the FasCard system.  FasCard readers house a 128 x 64 pixel back lit LCD display, capable of displaying graphics and text to assist the user with operating the host machine and interacting with the FasCard system.  The FasCard reader also utilizes a 3 button membrane switch which allows the user to provide input and expanded functionality on the FasCard system.  The reader can be mounted on a vertical surface or a horizontal surface, with or without the molded base.  The reader's LCD display can be software rotated 180 degrees so that that if the reader is mounted above the users head it can be mounted upside down with the display still oriented properly for the user to view.

FasCard readers can operate with a host machine in either a 'pulse' mode or serial mode.  FasCard has been designed to operate with many different multi-vend capable machines, for details on what functionality is supported on a specific machine type see the multi-vend functionality page.

FasCard readers require power from the host machine they are connected to and can accept input power natively from 12vdc to 36vdc, with an optional external power supply the reader can operate on 110-240vac.

Vertical Mount


Horizontal Mount